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Hi I dropped my Sony HDD handycam in sea water- it was underwater

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I dropped my Sony HDD handycam in sea water- it was underwater for about 60 seconds.
Now I cannot get it to power up.
It happened about 4 days ago and we have been drying it out. I opened it up today, without disturbing anything and there is still a little moisture inside.
There are about 3 years of family videos on the disc and I am desperate to retrieve them somehow.
Help, please!
Nigel Cubbage
Is there any way this can be done?
Satchi :

Hi , Welcome to JustAnswer Thanks & Regards Satchi

Satchi :

Have you tried below steps

Satchi :

Turn the camera off. You do not want any power going to the wet circuitry. Your camera has a better chance of surviving immersion if there was no power to cause a short circuit when it fell in the water.

Remove the batteries and the memory card from the camera. Leave the battery compartment and memory card slot open so that any accumulated water can evaporate.

Wipe any external water from the camera and remove any lenses or attachments, if possible. This will prevent further condensation from forming in the camera.

Place the camera in a bowl and cover it with dry white rice. The rice will absorb moisture. Check the rice every few days, until the rice is dry and there is no sign of moisture.

Replace the batteries and memory card, then turn on the camera. If the camera does not work, it may require more extensive repair performed by a professional.

Satchi :

You can check the above link

Satchi :

for the steps


Thanks for that. Guess I am at step two for a while then!

Satchi :

yes correct

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