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help support, I have foolishly dropped my kindle in

Customer Question

Hello help support,
I have foolishly dropped my kindle in the bath, despite dry rice treatment it has died. I would like to obtain another from you, and wondered if you can transfer my existing kindle book purchases onto the new one.
Also if I do, is the paperwhite kindle readable in the dark as my existing one has a v useful swivel out light?
Rose Horspool
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Wes replied 3 years ago.
Wes :

Hi, my name is ***** ***** I'll be assisting you today. Before we begin, it looks like you may have confused our service with that of another company. I want to make sure you understand that JustAnswer/Pearl is a pay-per-incident support site not affiliated with Amazon. If you understand that and would like to continue please let me know. If you reached our site by mistake, or if I am not able to help you, you can request a refund at or by e-mailing***@******.***

Wes :

You will be able to re-download any purchased books on your new Kindle once you have set it up and connected. Yes, the Paperwhite is usable in the dark (it has integral backlighting) so you can use it without any external lighting devices.

Wes :

You can purchase a kindle Paperwhite Here:

Wes :

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