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I've had my kindle time and it has been excellent,

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I've had my kindle for some time and it has been excellent, but it has gone most peculiar. I now only get a flashing page that says amazonkindle - it has a tree, a person and a blank slot. I seem to be able to do nothing to stop it flashing and cannot use my kindle at all. I would like to be able to access my books - what do I do
Hazel Trapnell
How down the power button for 8 to 10 seconds and it will reset. You should be able to see your books after that. Make sure it is not plugged in when you hold the power button down. then once it has reset itself then plug back up to charge but do not leave it plugged in while you are reading (it drains the battery faster and doesn't let it charge up as quick).
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thank you for this. But which is my power button? Is it the thing you slide where the green or orange light shows? I think I have done this, but apparently I am about to reset my kindle to factory defaults which will remove all downloaded or transferred content from the device. I will be able to download archived items - not sure.

If I remove everything, then how do I get my stuff back?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dear expert - by the way, it has stopped flashing and tells me to enter 'reset' on the keyboard - but that means I will remove everything.

Would be glad to hear back from you before I do anything terminal.

Yes you can resync your kindle and it will put all the books back onto your kindle for you. you can also log into your or icloud account and download them back. It does not erase it from those accounts.
when you reset it and then go to to resync it might ask you to register your kindle again. go ahead and do so then your books should be in there. it will not erase the books off of amazon that you have already purchased.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have RESET and I am now on a page that tells me I am in recovery mode. How do I go to (sorry to be so thick!).

go to and log into your account. then click on my account, manage your content and devices. then you should see all of your books in there. then from there you can click on books and download them to your kindle again.
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