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I want to replace my BT 5 Business hub with asus dsl-ac68u

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I want to replace my BT 5 Business hub with asus dsl-ac68u hub - already purchased from amazon - because it has guest access. It keeps giving me the message that the phone line or Ethernet cable are not connected when I know they are and are functioning. can I connect directly to BT fiber infinity line or do I connect by bridging the ASUS hub with the BT5 hub
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You need to bridge it.
Its straightforward to do.
Connect the BT to the LAN port on the Asus
Then on the Asus, make the iP address in the same range as the BT Hub.
Disable the DHCP server on the Asus and it will act as a access point so you can use the wireless networks on the Asus.
Let me know the results please
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

1. Bridging is less secure on a business network However I will try that but you need to be more detailed in the steps taken iu.e. Computer to BT HUb then Lan ? to ASAU or Computer to ASUS then to bTHUB problem with second approach is I get an error message saying the ASUS is not connected to a phone line or is not connected via ethernet. Please clairfy

It is no less secure as your securing the wireless. Apart from that there is no difference
The BT Hub connects to a LAN port on the Asus, so one of the ports that the computers also connect to. You do not use the Internet (WAN) port for this.
I dont know what you mean with Computer to BT HUb then Lan, its the BT Hub that connects to the LAN port.
Then you have to change the settings on the Asus as I indicated to not get the error.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

OK to start from the beginning which I should have made clear rather than use a title . I want to replace the Hub5 (VDSL) with the ASUS Hub VDSL but my computer will not recognize the hub and when it does ti says it is not connected. The computer currently is linked to the BT HUb via ethernet the BT hub is connect to the VDSL BT phone link so there is no ADSL required. In replacing the BT Hub5 I should be able to connect directly from my computer but it gives an erro message . It is then the settings detail in the ASUS hub that I need to change but I am unable to sort out this change in ASUS hub settings. I'm away from the computer until 21.00 UK time

so your issue is your computer does not detect the Asus?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

It did for a while - then stopped. I had the Hub replaced but the same problem When I can view the ASUS hub it says it is not connected but I can log on - all the lights are working but there is no internet connection even when I set all the settings to pick up my BT account

Sorry Phil, I just do not know exactly what your issue is here.
Is it you can't get the Asus to connect to your internet line to replace BT Hub?
The Lan ports on it wont work?
It wont work bridged from the BT Hub?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I can't get the ASUS hub to connect to the internet replacing the BT hub using the BT infinity line. The error message reads that either the phone or the ethernet is not connected which of course it is. I haven't tried to bridge it from the BT hub since the advice I received from other sources is that such a link is less secure than replacing with a VDSL hub

No, there is nothing less secure about it. Its just another device on the router and as long as you secure the wireless its ok.
One thing that comes to mind is if you had problems with the Lan Port then it can explain a problem with the Internet (WAN) port which would explain why you get this message.
On the back of the router is a reset button. use a paperclip and push and hold that in for 10 seconds, then release.
Then connect the cable and see if it still gives the error. An error like that has nothing to do with setup, so if it gives it we know you have a faulty router.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I'll get back to you tomorrow since I am at work now and need some time to set up the network hub again thanks for the help so far

no problem at all Phil
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

managed to get the ASUS linked up to the BT hub by bridging but the default page on my computer is the password ***** page for the ASUS and it will not let me change homepages. More tomorrow but I think we have progress

You need to use the IP of the BT Hub to get to that as your now going to the IP of the Asus.
But in effect you have no reason to go the the BT, its not needed.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Have tried that in the past. The asus hub and the computer are set to access the IP address automatically but will not. everything on the ASUS hub should be set to replace the BT hub - it is designed as a VDSL hub - like the new HUB 5 but for some reason it continues to say it is not connected even when I am using the same cables as for the BT hub when I replace the BT hub with the ASUS hub. Is there something I am doing with the ASUS hub settings that is preventing access

No, as its saying it is not detecting the cable at all, its not a settings issue, its the router cannot be used to replace the BT Hub, which is why you need to bridge it
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Very disappointed that the blurb on the ASUS indicated that it could replace the BT hub5. So if I go down the route that you suggest the following happens DHCP is off and then the ASUS router will operate except that I then can't access the BT hub which has a password ***** the explorere page defaulsts to the login page of the ASUS ( PS you are being very patient)

What might you suggest I do in order to have the ASUS working but still be able to use the BT hub for business purposes or is this not possible

It wont be possible to use both as they are Bridged, but there would be no point to use both.
But if you wanted to connect to the BT Hub then connect to the BT Hubs wireless network. I just do not see the reason or any benefit for this Phil.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Some background. The ASUS hub offers a guest access which is FREE BT hub requires you either have an account then its free for guest to log on or you have to pay staring a £5 an hour or £8 per day. I wish to offer my customers a free access. I may have an alternative with a netgear hub that I used to use which may be more user friendly when I try to bridge. I'll get back tomorrow with an update and then we may be able to finish this conversation

Thanks Phil