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My hp Phtosmart 6510 e-ALL-IN-ONE has ceased to print black.

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My hp Phtosmart 6510 e-ALL-IN-ONE has ceased to print black. I have cleaned the gause where the cartridge makes contact, have operated 'clean cartridges' and replaced the black cartridge. I have always used hp genuine inks. What is your advice? The printer was purchased in 2012.
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When you check the ink levels, how much does it shows on the computer?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Full for Black on printer screen. Other colours are varying levels.

Okay. May i remotely connect to your computer to check some settings?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


No problem. Did you run the cleaning process directly from the printer or did you run it via the printer's software?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Directly from the printer.

Okay. Please open Printer Preferences, and run the cleaning process from there. Once you run the initial cleaning poceess via the printer's software on the computer, it may then prompt you to run a deeper cleaning process. Please do that and then test.
let me know
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Please let me know the results when you finish running the cleaning process via the printer properties on your computer.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I ran the cleaning processes from the computer as requested which included the deeper clean. The printout just showed the six colours but no black printing.

Thank you
Its the printhead that's at fault, and nearly always a good clean will get black working (black is the first to stop working when the printhead gets too dirty).
You need to manually clean it (below)
Most printers have an easy process (via a lever) to remove this, but for your printer the process is a lot more complex, but I have tried to explain it as straightforward as possible. But please only do if you feel comfortable with the procedure.
The steps are as follows
You have to remove 8 screws that hold on the top cover.
Lift the cover as if you are going to replace the printer cartridges. The printer should be powered on so the printhead will not be locked down.
Now unplug the power cable (you need to have the printer head movable)
Remove all of the printer cartridges and put them aside.
Remove the two screws behind the LCD panel (just pick up the panel so it is completely vertical).
There is one screw behind the hinge on the right side of the printer. You need to grab the hinge and while holding the top cover, gently but firmly pull the hinge toward the front of the printer. It will pop off and then you will have access to the screw. Be careful the top cover doesn't fall backward. You may need to hold it while removing the remaining two screws.
Remove the remaining two screws by the top cover hinges.
After you remove those screws gently lay down the top cover.
Now remove the top access panel to the printer by gently pulling up - you need to be careful here because of the two ribbon cables that connect to the LCD panel and the red and black wires that attach to the switch. Carefully move the access cover to the side as far as you can without pulling off the ribbon cables (if they do come off, you can just push them back in).
Heat some water so it is as hot as you can and still touch it without scalding yourself.
Slide the print head to the right leaving enough room for your fingers to fit around it to the right and under the it. The printhead is on the bottom.
Put on a pair of rubber glove (the kind for washing dishes)
Now there's a few ways to proceed. You can bend cotton swabs slightly more than 90 degree so the swap points upward. Dip the swab into the water and rub the swab back and forth over the printhead. You will go through a number of swabs.
You can also perform this operation with cotton balls (be careful you don't leave any strands of cotton on the printhead).
You can also use a thick paper towel such as Bounty.
If you decide to use the latter two methods, dip either in the hot water and then press it up against the printhead by curling one of your fingers. Gently (I mean gently) rub from side to side.
Keep doing this until you have very little black ink on the swab, cotton balls or paper towel. I suggest you finish up with a paper towel.
Remove any excess water that has dropped into the base of the printer with paper towels.
Make sure the ribbon cables are tight and put them back in so they don't get pinched by the cover or get in the way of any moving parts.
Put the access cover back on (make sure you bring up the top cover so it's vertical or you won't be able to seat the access cover properly in the back (the hinges will push the top up so it won't lay flat).
Put all the screws back.
Align the hinge with the tab on the top cover and gently snap it toward the back of the printer.
Reinstall the printer cartridges.
Reinstall the power cable.
You will probably see an error in the LCD panel advising you of the improper shutdown which you can close.
Run the printer though a cleaning cycle, then go throught the second, more robust cleaning.
Finally, I suggest you align the printheads.
Then see if it now prints as most times this will get black working again.
Let me know the results please
Richard, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Computer
Satisfied Customers: 44555
Experience: Over 15 years of consulting to the IT industry
Richard and other Computer Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I don't feel confident to carry out the process you describe .Obviously you will need to keep the £28 pounds deposit for the trial but I do not wish to have further contact with Just Answer,

That is understandable, but take the instructions to a repair store and they can then quickly do it for you, it should be easy for them.
If you would like any additional information or assistance, please do not hesitate to let me know.
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Thank you