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Russell H.
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I have a LX830-137 All-in-One. The machine works OK for

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I have a LX830-137 All-in-One. The machine works OK for about 30 - 45 minutes and then an 'orange hue' starts to appear across the screen. This continues to get worse over the next 10 - 15 minutes to the point where the screen becomes unwatchable. If I re-start it doesn't always resolve but a re-boot normally resolves the screen but only for a further 30 minutes before the hue returns. Changing the resolution has the same effect as the re-boot. Please advise. Ta, Hamish

Hi, thank you for contacting My name is Russell. I will do my best to provide the right answer to your question. That sounds like a problem with the graphics card in your Toshiba PC. Presumably changing resolution also resets the graphics card, as well as rebooting. If it is a hardware problem, it might be heat-related. But before assuming that, I would suggest updating and/or reinstalling the graphics card drivers. The graphics card in this model is a Intel® HD Graphics 4000. The driver would be downloadable from here: - the first choices in that form would beNotebooksToshibaToshiba LX SeriesToshiba LX830and what the 'short model #' is, I can't tell from here. It would be listed on your manufacturer's label, and be something likePQQ1xx
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hiya Russel,

I changed the driver which did not fully resolve the issue. In my frustration I've found the underlying fault which I believe to be dry joint / mini connector not fully seated.

If I squeeze the rear cover and the screen tightly together, at the top centre, then the hue disappears for a considerable time - more than 5 hours.

May i ask if you're au fait with the layout of the internals and which joint / connector may be at fault; even if it is worth taking the back off. All suggestions appreciated. Ta, Hamish

Under the circumstances, if the squeezing of the cover and the screen at the top helps for a while but does not cure the problem, taking the cover off is definitely a good idea - so as to examine the internals and find out the problem.

...Unless, of course, the device is still covered by its warranty, in which case removing the cover voids the warranty and should be avoided. Generally warrantys are one year from purchase date, in length.

If it's over a year old, such examination, at minimum, is necessary for discovering the fault. Re-seating (that is, unplugging, then plugging back in) any connectors in the area of the top centre would be a good idea also.

As for what joints or connectors might be at fault (and yes, it could be a joint in a connector jack, i.e. both of those, perhaps), I cannot guess. Cracked solder joints, or just plain slightly loose cables, are the most generally prevalent problems that are solved this way, but are somewhat unpredictable. For instance, pressing that part of the screen together might possibly apply pressure elsewhere, or affect the other end of a cable passing through that region.
And franky, I don't know the internal layout of this sort of device, all that well.

But, since the problem is the screen hue, and it is a gradual-onset problem rather than a sudden 'snapping' into the problem, you may simply have a loose connector with a little oxide on it. Re-seating connectors in that area will help with that.

I'm sorry to have to be general - but without further data, this sort of rather odd and unusual problem doesn't have a sharply defined definite cause nor cure. I have found this sort of 'apply pressure' temporary solution before, definitely, so I have some acquaintance with the sort of problem you are asking about.

I hope this advice helps. Let me know how things go, and what you think of my advice and thoughts on the matter. Thanks.