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Russell H.
Russell H., Computer System Tech
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In 2014 I purchased a Medion Akoya Notebook 98602. It has

Customer Question

In 2014 I purchased a Medion Akoya Notebook 98602. It has frankly been of little use since as the performance is dreadful even when regularly subjected to System Mechanic maintenance. I have concluded that the 2Gb memory is inadequate for the operating system (W8.1). Is it possible to have the memory upgraded to 4 or 8 Gb?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Russell H. replied 2 years ago.
Hi, thank you for contacting My name is Russell. I will do my best to provide the right answer to your question. There is an important question to ask before providing an answer to the issues you have raised in your question:- Is the purchase date of your Notebook less than a year ago? if so, keep in mind that its warranty expires, most likely, at 1 year from the date of original purchase. And you may need to invoke your rights under warranty before then, should it turn out to be a problem of the 'hardware failure' sort, as opposed to configuration, inadequate RAM memory amounts, etc. Yes, 2GB is inadequate for Windows 8.1 - for optimal performance, you always, with any Windows version, need more than the 'minimum' amount stated by Microsoft, which is barely enough to barely run Windows (of whatever version.) Inadequate means, not that you will need System Mechanic maintenance, but rather that everything will tend to be running s - l - o - w - l - y, and with a lot of disk grinding slowing things down. More RAM memory - at least twice as much, or 4GB, is what I would recommend, for that. But, if there are other problems, they could be owing to other things. For instance, a very, very, slow, slow, system with erratic problems, crashes, etc. could be owing to not having adequate security software, or having the firewall disabled, etc. You have not stated whether that is the sort of problem you have, but if anything like that - as opposed to simple slowness of everything - has happened, then you need to check your firewall, get and/or update your security software, and run a Full Scan on C: Hard Disk also.Be warned: don't get anything 'cheap' in the way of security software. If you wish to budget security software, do so with a good name in 'free' software, such as AVG Free Edition, or Avast, not with 'Wonder Worker Window Cleaner' or 'Driver Doctor' or anything of that sort, which often carries problems into a system. Let me know any details that I can advise you on about this matter... another Answer to this question will not cost you anything extra. You pay for one answer to one question... unless you wish to pay more, of course.