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Ben, Sky are now offering me the Sky Fibre Pro which is

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Hi Ben, Sky are now offering me the Sky Fibre Pro which is the equivalent to BT's Afftinity 2 which I have now. Both providers have quoted the same speeds of 71-80mbp. When I mentioned that there are reports that Sky's service might not be consistent, they said there is absolutely no difference in what they provide compared with BT as it would be exactly the same because they are using the same exchange and same telephone line. I just wondered if this is true as I am a little confused...If there is a reputation the Sky can be inconsistent, that must mean there more to it than that so would I be better off with Sky or BT? Sky are offering £20p/m, BT are £30p/m both quoting same speeds of 71-80.


They're right in saying that the technology is the same, but what about the maintenance quality and load of Sky's network compared to another? You can offer the best speeds money can buy, but if the load of the network is constantly overloaded with millions of people streaming video the speed will degrade for everyone unless the network can handle all the throughput. That's where these companies separate themselves from another. I had a look online and compared Sky to BT, and BT averages 25Mb/s versus Sky at 7 Mb/s. That's only an average of all of their connection types so it's hard to read much in to that. Will Sky offer you a trial so you can run your own speed tests or will they guarantee the speeds offered?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I think they both said that if you are not getting the speeds promised, they will send an engineer to rectify within a certain time period and then if it's still a problem, you can cancel the contract. Looking at your statistics, it looks like BT offer better speeds?

In all honesty, I am happy to pay the extra £10 a month with BT if you think they have better reliability and reputation for providing a consistent service as I don't really want the hassle of having to go through all that. I will be working from home for quite a few months so do need to ensure it is reliable and good from the start.

Do you think it is better to err on the side of caution and stick with BT from your opinion?

I am very clueless when it comes to technical things so that's why I am asking someone who knows a lot more than I do. Money isn't really the issue, it is more about reliability and getting a hassle free service.

Look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks.

Yes, I would suggest BT just from the data I've seen recently. I think both would be reliable for every day tasks like keeping a steady VPN connection to your employers private network (assuming you're connecting to one from home), checking email browsing the web at good speeds, etc... But sounds like you're also accounting for streaming media during leisure time and that's where BT is probably going to provide less hassle. I agree with you, if the extra money per month isn't an issue, why take a gamble with a service that is likely to give you more trouble. Just make sure you get a good wireless router with whatever service you end up going with. You can spend all that money for a fast connection and hook up a router incapable of transmitting the speeds promised. In that case, your device(s) wired directly to the modem will get good speeds but wireless devices will suffer. I don't know how it works in the UK, but here in the US if we call our internet provider and they send a technician out for something that's our fault, we get charged a good amount for their time (maybe $75). You usually have 2 options when it comes to wireless: 1) Buy your own router from an electronics store and make sure it's capable of transmitting the speeds offered by your internet provider2) Lease a router from them (usually at a cost per month). If they provide it free, take that and let them provide full support for your whole network. Otherwise I'd suggest option 1 if they want to charge extra for it per month. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks again!
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