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I previously had the option of watching Amazon Prime videos

Customer Question

I previously had the option of watching Amazon Prime videos on my Mac using Flash Player instead of Silverlight (it says it's installed but every time I try and watch a video now it says "plugin failure") can I force my Mac to use Flash or can 'i make it use Flash from the Amazon website?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Michelle replied 2 years ago.
Hi my name is ***** ***** I will be the expert working with you today to help resolve the problem you have posted.let me know do you get the error when you play a specific video or it happens on all the videos you try to play online.What browser are you using?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I've tried 2 videos so far, Mad Men S1 E7 and 'The Hundred-Foot Journey' (the second one was random since you asked about different videos). I'm using Safari (Version 8.0.8 (10600.8.9)). I have downloaded Microsoft Silverlight twice now and tried to install it both times and the software package says "installed" but Amazon Instant Video says "Plug-In Failure"
I was given the option, last time, to use Flash Player instead of Silverlight but it's not offering that this time...
Is there some special way to install Silverlight on Mac laptops or some way to force Amazon videos to use Flash instead?Thanks for your timely response.
Expert:  Michelle replied 2 years ago.
is flash player installed on the macopen Safari -> Preferences... -> Security -> Allow plug insAnd check if adobe plug in is on "Allow"
Expert:  Michelle replied 2 years ago.
in case you do not see an adobe plugin listed, click on below link and download and install the flash player
Expert:  Michelle replied 2 years ago.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
As I have already stated, I was given the option of using Flash last time. Silverlight wouldn't run on my Mac, despite the laptop telling me it was installed, so I downloaded and installed Flash and watched the first 3 episodes of Mad Men (I watched the next 3 on my Sony phone). I am now not given the option of using the Flash Player which I installed last time (I've checked and my Flash Player is up to date) so I've run out of options. I've also had a look at the App store on the Mac and there's no 'Instant Video' app to install like there was for my phone.
Expert:  Michelle replied 2 years ago.
Silverlight is a Windows util and will not work on Mac however you may have the latest flash player but it could be corrupted on non functional due to which you are facing the problem. Try removing flashplayer and then restart your mac come back to the desktop screen and try downloading the plugins
Expert:  Michelle replied 2 years ago.
Click on the link "Get the latest flash player" below the Adobe Flash Player for Mac OSXClick on Install_Flash_Player_osx. dmgClick on Icon Install Adobe Flash PlayerClick on Open for the "An Application Downloaded From The Internet" warning message.Select the checkbox for " I have read and agree to the terms of the Flash Player License Agreement."Then click on Install.Input your MAC Name and Password.You will have to close all Safari windows prior to proceeding with the installation.Select the notify me of future updates checkbox and Click on Done.Now test your Flash Player by going to YouTube and playing a Video.
Expert:  Michelle replied 2 years ago.
Try downloading firefox and then play the youtube video or any video and let me know if it works on firefox.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
First thing I did after responding so rudely (I'm sorry about that) was to go onto YouTube to check that Flash was working, which it was. I've now uninstalled Flash, then installed again and tested with YouTube and it's still not working on Amazon Instant Video.
I have now found an option in the settings (very discreetly hidden link) to auto-choose Adobe Flash instead of Silverlight so I appear to have solved my own problem through sheer luck.Thanks very much for your time and I hope life is good to you!
Expert:  Michelle replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for using our service and you have a good day.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My 'expert' answer was clearly copied and pasted from a pre-existing series of questions regarding Flash Player and ignored the specific parameters I specified in my question. It was prompt however didn't solve my problem and by the time I had been told to do the same thing for the third time I had solved my problem myself. I'm sure there are lots of questions my 'expert' is qualified to answer but my specifications were ignored brazenly and I have left as an unsatisfied customer.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Based on my rating, I think a full refund is appropriate however I am willing to discuss partial refund terms based on the speed with which I was replied to.My number, if relevant, is ***********