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The Shogun game (pre-dates Steam) does not start even when

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the Shogun game (pre-dates Steam) does not start even when I give the account clearance
Hi, thank you for contacting My name is Russell. I will do my best to provide the right answer to your question. The question that needs to be asked about your Shogun game program is, Did it work on Steam previously to this problem?- If so, you may have a simple case of the program being corrupted.- If not, some other explanation might fit the case. Also, has your Steam version changed recently? (And even more importantly: is Steam related to this question in any way, or did you just mention it incidentally?)Are there any symptoms or signs or error messages accompanying the failure to start?What platform is your Shogun game originally designed to run upon?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
As I said in my question this Shogun Total War game predates Steam. I dislike Steam and will not use it. It runs perfectly well on another laptop which runson Windows XP. The Shogun . Programme ran on the Dell Computer using Windows 7 before downloading Wndows 10 this week. I have just reinstalled Shogun and every time I try to run the programme a window comes up saying
'User Account Control (UAC).
Do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your PC.? '
I click 'yes, and nothing happens.
I have also used the compatibility query and stated the programme runs on Windows XP but that does not work.
It seems that UAC is blocking the programme.
Can one get into User Account Control and disable it for running Shogun?
UAC just 'gates' permissions to access the system from the program.I have an older game program that runs OK on an OS past Windows 7, that invokes UAC similarly, but after approval it runs. So I don't think UAC is the problem... rather it is most likely that Windows 10 (as is quite common) is in some way - at present at least - incompatible with it.The question is - what version of Shogun Total War do you have?It may be inherently unsuited for Windows 10 until either it is patched (supposing the company that made it to be still working on upkeep!) or until Windows 10 is patched in a way that allows them to work with each other.Also... are you using the same screen drivers you used to be using? of course you're using the same video card (or - in some rare case - are you?)
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
This is the first Shogun game. Later and with Steam, Shogun and the Total War games became over complicated.
I have run Railroad Tycoon 3 successfully on Windows 10. My local professional computer engineer also suggested looking for a 'patch'. He further advised to try and get one from the game originator, presumably Creative Assembly. I shall probably give up on this. I shall revert to running this on my Toshiba laptop.
I am away for a few days and will probably not be able to access the Internet.
I have now spent over 20 hours learning about Windows 10 and I can say it is not user friendly. I have had to get Internet help to run Cortana by turning on English UK. And this appears to be a basic tool for understanding and using W10.
Thank you for the help.
If the Shogun game is quite original, the first version, it may not have the forward-looking forward-compatibility-designed features of a more matured version. I would suggest trying a slightly later version of the Shogun game on Windows 10, to see if that would work instead. Please rate my Answer, so that this case may be closed - if there are no more details you need advice on. Thanks.
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