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My kindle is uk registered as some of the books I buy in English

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My kindle is uk registered as some of the books I buy in English are not available through amazon fr. I live in France mostly but have a uk address. I have 3 amazon accounts in uk,fr and it.I can usually manage to buy thru' uk while I'm in Paris but not always, nor can I get books thru' .it delivered to my kindle in Paris. I would also like to buy the occasional book in Portuguese which I know is available thru'
Cannot amazon itself sort out the rights etc between its branches and deliver to me in Paris kindle e- books from any of its country libraries?
My name is***** will assist you.
I am sorry to hear that you are having this issue. Unfortunately the issue is with the publishing companies and is out of the control of Amazon.
Publishers obtain rights to publish books in specific geographic regions. This practice follows the traditional publishing model pretty much to the letter. Amazon's contracts with vendors stipulate that the books can only be sold in the specified region, so Amazon goes to greatlengths to ensure that they don't accidentally sell books outside of the region it is allowed to sell them.
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