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On the 4th dec I turned on my laptop only to find a message

Customer Question

on the 4th dec I turned on my laptop only to find a message fr4om microsoft stating that the computer was at risk and Iv should phone 0800(###) ###-#### ***** I did and was answered by a foreign person who asked various questions to enable hier to control my laptop and to fix the problem. She then said that it wouyld cost to put right.It was then that I started to missbelive her, so I hung up. The damage had been done and when I tried to re-start my computer it wouldnt start.A message kept on coming up to enter a password ***** start the computer; I have never had a password ***** start mycomputer, only to open my mail box.I dont know whether you can advise me as to what I can do.
Yours sincerly michael Carpenter
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Zoey_JD replied 2 years ago.
Hello, You've fallen for a very common scam. Microsoft warns that it does not reach out to consumers to tell them of risk to their laptop. Microsoft doesn't have the faintest idea of what's going on in your computer. They just manufacture your computer's operating system. Scammers just use Microsoft's name to make you think that you are dealing with a reputable company rather than with thieves. Once you give a company remote access you are giving them the ability to plant spyware in your machine, log your keystrokes and rob you blind. Solving your computer problem is fairly easy, though you may have to lose data in order to do it. YOu need to take your machine as soon as possible to a reputable technician or you can post a question to our verified computer techs here on this site and they will walk you through a debugging if you are tech savvy. Do NOT call back the people who disabled your computer. They are frauds, up to no good, and they won't fix it for you. Do not use a company you've never worked with before unless they are local, you are dealing with them in person, and you know them to be an actual reputable business. Once you get your computer debugged, change all your passwords and PIN numbers. Then, because you have been locked out of your computer and you don't know what these folks may have seen or done with what was in your account, you need to take every possible precaution against identity theft. Make sure that the balances in your online accounts are correct. Monitor your monthly statements carefully so that you can quickly spot and report unauthorized charges or transfers. Close accounts and open new ones if you believe your accounts may have been compromised. Report the fraud to