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I need a list of CPUs which will work with my Lenovo G560e

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Hi, I need a list of CPUs which will work with my Lenovo G560e laptop
Hello and thank you for choosing order to find out WHAT motherboard you have, i need the serial number form the laptop..Once i have that i can pull the exact motherboard you have, and then cross reference that with the CPU socket and FSB speed, to match all the compatible CPU's that will work in THAT motherboard.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi, I'm not sure how to find this out, please see attached screen shots of what CPU-Z application shows for my laptop.
That certainly helps.Basically what those images are telling me is what CPU you have in the laptop CURRENTLY..Which does tell me what type of CPU's would be capable of fitting into the motherboard socket..So please stand by, while i compile a list..But i have to ask....are you planning on upgrading the CPU in this laptop?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes, I'd like to know what other CPUs will work and which will offer the best performance
So, i understand what you WANT to do, and heres the rub with this..Without knowing MORE about the motherboard and power supply inside that LENOVO laptop, its hard to say WHAT CPU will work without a problem. As the higher performing CPU's, obviously require more power than what was ENGINEERED to work with that laptop. AND because laptops are not engineered to be upgraded so to speak, because of all the proprietary designs, you cant just run to a compuer store and pick up a higher wattage PSU for a Lenovo laptop. It just doesnt work that way unfortunately..So with that in mind, here are the options if you choose to swap in a NEW CPU...Since you have a Socket 478P in the motherboard, and there are many processors that will fit that socket, here are the different models that will fit. t5xxx, t7xxx, t8xxx, t9xxx, and the q9xxx series intel chips. .The CPU in your laptop now is a T6670. So its on the lower end of this scale..So my reccommendation would to NOT go TOO big, but also get an improvement..I would shoot for the T9500, and i have a link to one here: say this because it is the fastest you can go, without going over the wattage (35W) that the PSU was designed for. And doesnt go beyond your RAM capabilities (800 for the FSB).Its the best you can do, with the power limitations of the laptop power supply..All that make sense?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
It kind of makes sense although on the page below, T9500 is not listed for the GM45 chipset?
Well I cant speak for a website that isn't even affiliated with Intel OR Lenovo..Its just a website that might be missing information, or might not be updated regularly.....i cant say..However, what i can say, and what i went the current CPU you have in there, and then going up as high as i could on the clock speed, without going over the wattage, or FSB speed..All that website is doing is just telling what you COULD put in does NOT ask what OTHER hardware you need to compatible the RAM being at 800, to match the FSB speed of the Mobo and CPU.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Okay, I understand, you say that you don't know what the motherboard is, see the screenshot attached, I've googled and been told that the highlighted region in yellow is info for the MB, another google has told me that the G560e has a MB called LA-7012P, I hope this will help.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
See attached
Ahhh, yes, thank you, ***** ***** some time to cross reference this information
Yeah, i checked that website CPU-UPGRADE you were looking at, and they dont even HAVE a Lenovo motherboard....and you can only search by the chipset, which isnt the best way to do this.
I still think the 9500 will be the highest CPU you will be able to use without causing any harm or over-exertion to the power supply.
If you could upgrade the power supply, then i would say you can go as high as your FSB will allow, and for that MoBo it is 1066Mhz. But if the RAM you have now doesnt run at 1066, then you would need new RAM too.
Again, based on the RAM you have, and based on the power supply you have, and based on the socket on the mobo, the 9500 is safest highest performing CPU for that mobo, in my honest professional opinion.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Okay so going by this logic, if I changed the RAM to 1066, then I could also choose a cpu with 1066 Fsb so long as the socket type, chipset matched, as for power consumption of cpu, we're you able to determine the power output of this MB?
Exactly!.The power of the PSU in the laptop would be the limiting factor. And its not so much the motherboard power, it is wether the PSU can deliver enough power THROUGH the motherboard to the CPU without causing the PSU to work too hard..The documentation doesnt say what the maximum CPU wattage could be..But in my experience, you will be just fine if you stay within 5 watts..Currently the Core 2 Duo you are running is 35 Watts. So an increase to 40 watts and you will still be okay.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks, ***** ***** I upgrade my RAM to 1066MHz then would I be correct in assuming I could use a Intel T9900 cpu, it also uses 35W and seems to be the highest rated cpu, see below
You are SPOT ON!.GOtta keep them all at the same operating speed..However, i think your Mobo is maxed out for the RAM speed at 1066MHz. So that would be the highest it will go..After the RAM and CPU upgrade.....that is officially ALL that this MOBO can handle..If you want to go any higher on the RAM or the CPU, or the video card, you will HAVE to get a NEW computer. As i dont think there are any motherboards that will fit into the formfactor of that laptop..Ultimately, this is the fastest and safest you can take this MoBo too.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Okay I think this settles it, I will submit feedback now.
Also....because you are increasing the amount of power consumed......this laptop will NO DOUBT get hotter in temperature......HOW MUCH anybodys you better watch out for that....SERIOUSLY!
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks, i'll take the chance