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I have a Sony HDR HC3 Camcorder. I am trying to transfer the

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I have a Sony HDR HC3 Camcorder. I am trying to transfer the Sony DV Video tape video to Play memories or use Sony Movie Studio 12, via the fire-wire i Link. This used to work some time ago, but I can not get the computer to recognize the camcorder. I have tried all the tips etc, the latest was to turn on and play back the tape before switching on the computer, Windows 10 then once boot up has been completed try the two Sony programs to carry out the transfer.
Still no transfer. Can you help?
Hello and thank you for choosing you installed the accompanying DRIVER and SOFTWARE Utility onto WINDOWS 10?.I fear that this wont work UNTIL a driver is available for that CAMERA and for WINDOWS 10..If the camera was purchased LONG before Windows 10 came out.....then it probably wont work with Win10, until Sony develops a driver and utility for windows 10..YOu may have to use a Windows 8 or Windows 7 machine..However, I would like to chec the documentation first.....please stand by while I check the documentation
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
From the research I have done, Sony do not appear to have produced an updated driver. However, when I looked a the Windows 10 Q & A it stated that the drivers are included and are not separate now. I think you are right and I will have to try and think of another solution. Thank you for your help, you confirm what I had suspected.
Well what you read about drivers being included in Windows 10, are referring to computer hardware a mouse, or a keyboard, or a video card, or a memory card reader (some computers have these), or the monitor, or the USB ports, or firewire..Windows 10 includes drivers for COMMONLY used computer hardware..Unfortunately, Microsoft is NOT going to develop a driver for every single camera ever made. Thats why, when you buy a piece of technology (like a camera, or mp3 device) they COME WITH a CD with the drivers on it..I am sorry to bring this news to you......but unless SONY develops the DRIVER (and drivers are specific to the Operating System) for the Windows 10 OS, then it will just about NEVER work..But here is a work around you can use..Ever heard of a virtual machine? Well you can fire up a virtual machine inside of Windows 10, and make that virtual machine (VM) run Windows XP. Then you could load up the drivers and connect the camera, and have the VM running WinXP, recognize your camera. Voila!.Its the simplest way to do it......unless you just want to keep ANOTHER full computer handy that has the correct OS (WinXP) to connect that Sony camcorder too..Im just offering you some solutions..Happy holidays, and please take a moment to rate my performance.
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