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Can you please find me a p!ugin where payment is taken by

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Hi can you please find me a p!ugin where payment is taken by PayPal on my website for an eBook and then rather then me sending it manually to the buyer is there a plugin that it sends automatically to the buyer or after payment made it takes them to a page where they can download the ebook
Hello there I use Payhip to handle my ebook orders:Once you upload your ebook you are given a link which you can put on your website. When the customer clicks the link they can pay for your ebook and Payhip will send them the book. You then get paid by Payhip to your Paypal account.Paypal only takes care of payments. You have to advertise the book and say how much it is. Paypal will take the customer's payment when they click the buy button. You are then sent an email that the customer has paid. It is then up to you to email the book.There isn't a plugin that will automate this process.
Payhip only charges 5% commission and they handle everything for you
There is a plugin but you still end up paying otherwise your ebook is not encypted. You can read about it here. It is available for Wordpress & Joomla. However Payhip has my vote!
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi I am very new to this

Please can you clarify do I upload my ebook with payhip and they send me a link to advertise on my website and takecare of payments or do I upload my book on my website but then get a link from payhip so the buyer goes through them to buy.

Please give an example if you can.


Hello there yes you are correct. You upload your ebook to Payhip. They give you a link. You put that link on your website where you advertise your ebook. The customer clicks on the link and is taken to Payhip. The customer pays Payhip who send the customer your ebook.Payhip send you the money minus a 5% commission. That is the beauty of using them. They take all the fuss out of the transaction.
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