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I'm now starting to get a Snowy fuzzy picture on my monito

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I'm now starting to get a Snowy fuzzy picture on my monitor
Hello and thank you for choosing is quite tricky to figure out, so we will need to run throgh a series of troubleshooting steps and questions to determine the actual cause, and then a resolution to the issue..So, when did this start to happen? Is this a NEW monitor? Can you tell me the make and model?Have you checked the cable on the back of the monitor, and on the back of the computer (monitor cable), and made sure they are plugged ALL THE WAY IN and secured?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Checking in device manager the monitor was made in 2007, its an Acer AL2251W 22". It started a few days ago and seems to be getting worse, on typing this the task bar and the top of the screen are both showing what I would call moving snow.
Thank you for that information, i will pull the tech manuals and see if anything shows up.But, Have you checked the monitor cables? Made sure they are plugged all the way in?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have pulled out the monitor cable at the back of the monitor loosing the picture and then plugging back in, also the same at the PC end the picture again comes back with this moving pixels/snow effect.
That is VERY interesting.Can you try a different port on the back of the monitor?The monitor has 2 input ports, the one you are probably using is called VGA, and the end of the cable is normally BLUE in color.WHat i want you to do , is use the OTHER port, which is called DVI, and uses a different type of cable. The monitor SHOULD have come with a DVI cable, and your computer SHOULD have a DVI output port on the back..By changing the input port, we will be able to determine if the culprit is the monitor, or if it is the you have another monitor you can SWAP out for this problem monitor?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I'm already using the DVI Cable White plug both ends, and no sorry no other monitor available to use this was an upgrade from an old CRT monitor which was taken to a recycling centre. As I have had this monitor at least 8 years I was considering another monitor if this one failed
I totally understand..What we are trying to do here, is determine if the culprit is the monitor, or if it is the computers video output card.But we really need another monitor to test this, or else we will never know..Heres a simple test you can do.Since you were thinking of getting a new monitor anyways.....go ahead and get one, hook it up...if the problem persists.....then your video card on your computer needs to be replaced, or the WHOLE computer motherboard (depending on if the video is ONboard, or if you are using a video card)If the problem GOES AWAY, then you KNOW the monitor was the culprit, and it needs to be replaced, and since you already have one....job done..Easy right?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for trying to help me with my problem, I will get another monitor and try that hopefully as you say job done.
Well, you can come on back here and I will continue to troubleshoot with you, if the problem persists.Satisfaction Guaranteed!
But in my experience.....monitors of that start to show signs of aging....ESPECIALLY heavily used monitors.