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I have a Sony Digital Still Camera Cyber-shot Model DSC-P100

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I have a Sony Digital Still Camera Cyber-shot Model DSC-P100 and the flash has become unreliable. I have tried factory reset and followedhandbook to the letter. The problem is that the flash will operate correctly for one or two goes whatever set up I have. Then nothing I try brings it on. Generally, it works after first switch on then nothing Ive tried brings it on. Such a pity as the quality is still 100% when all goes well. No probs daytime shooting
Hello and thank you for choosing afraid the Flash is now failing.And i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it is need of replacing..Unfortunately, these cameras were considered non-FSU (non-Field Serviceable Units) which means that when it breaks or becomes unusable....that it gest replaced....not repaired..I had a camera similar to this one, and when mine quit working, (even under warranty) they still did not repair it.....they replaced it..So i suggest to you......and is my answer, that you need simply to replace the camera.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks. Not the news I wanted but half expected as I have significant electronics /digital experience but nothing re cameras. As I said in the query, the quality of daytime shots and video is 100% + Competes with cameras that are far more expensive and complex. Once again many thanks
Yeah, i know its not what you wanted....but they dont make replacement parts that are orderable by consumers.Just the way it is i guess.....maybe some day, we will live in a world where we can just 3D print the parts we need....YA KNOW!!!.Please take a moment to rate my performance. Thank you!
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