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I am having difficulty with software update Kindle Keyboard

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I am having difficulty with software update for my Kindle Keyboard (3rd Generation)
because I cannot type the numbers required with my BTHub4 - J55G wireless network.
Can you help me please?
Wendy Kent
Hi my name is ***** ***** I will be the expert working with you today to help and resolve the problem you have posted.Are you looking for the BT hub wireless router password ***** enter in the kindle?
Michelle and other Computer Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have the wireless password, but my kindle has only a letter keyboard so
cannot type numbers on it.
i will call you in a few mins
click here for remote access
Please click here. in the page that opens click on start full version it will download a file teamviewer exe click on the file to open\run it once its installed, the teamviewer window will open let me know the id and password ***** on left side of the window keep the team viewer window open
DESKTOP-750VO7H (09:05 PM):hi michelle this sidethis is our chat windowsDESKTOP-750VO7H (09:08 PM):pleaseleave the mouseFSC081200052208 (09:12 PM):I have a list under LAN or High-Speed InternetFSC081200052208 (09:15 PM):Do I click on anything?DESKTOP-750VO7H (09:20 PM):noi ma workingyou might not see any activity of mouse..but iam working on backgroundDESKTOP-750VO7H (09:28 PM):on the back of your router you will see the wireless ssid and wireless keyas shown on the picture on the page on youyr computerdo you see itDESKTOP-750VO7H (09:32 PM):are you therei dont want you to enter the passwordjust let me know if you see itFSC081200052208 (09:33 PM):Yes thank youDESKTOP-750VO7H (09:33 PM):try entering that same password ***** kindlealso enter that password ***** this pageFSC081200052208 (09:35 PM):The line in blue of this message, or Wireless SSIDDESKTOP-750VO7H (09:35 PM):the password ***** ***** wireless keyand its case sensitivelet me know the wireless key on this chatFSC081200052208 (09:36 PM):okay, I'll try it nowDESKTOP-750VO7H (09:36 PM):okFSC081200052208 (09:42 PM):connection failed but I left out the hyphen between 4 and W in the middleDESKTOP-750VO7H (09:43 PM):ok let me checklet me know the password ***** the wireless keyon this chatFSC081200052208 (09:45 PM):Sorry, just spotted the word "admin"Will try againDESKTOP-750VO7H (09:46 PM):okthe hyphen between the 4 and w also needs to be enteredso if you could try that on the kindleplease note you need to type the ssid and key thats thre on the back of your routernot the one thats showing up on this image on your computerthe photo on the computer is just for example puposethe actual numbers would be on your routerFSC081200052208 (09:53 PM):How do I type -DESKTOP-750VO7H (09:53 PM):type on this chatwith your keyboardFSC081200052208 (09:55 PM):Admin Password ***** I don't know the user nDESKTOP-750VO7H (09:55 PM):ok i will check nowFSC081200052208 (09:56 PM):name until my daughter returns later todayDESKTOP-750VO7H (09:58 PM):do you recall using any password ***** with bonyDESKTOP-750VO7H (10:12 PM):are you thereit seems your wifi password ***** ***** egtting accepted and wifi is not turned on for your routertill teh time we dont know the wifi password ***** will not be able to connect to kindleas wifi is not turned onDESKTOP-750VO7H (10:20 PM):are you there wendyFSC081200052208 (10:21 PM):Sorry, I have been looking for paperwork which may help with my wi-fiDESKTOP-750VO7H (10:23 PM):if you dont have can give a call at 151 from your bt landlineyou can ask the bt guys for your wifi password ***** ask them how to go about enabling wifi for your routeronce that is done you can enter the same on the kindlebecause thepassword ***** gave me the one behind the router did not workquite possible it might have been changedyou can ask the bt guys to reset it for youneed to call on 151FSC081200052208 (10:28 PM):okayDESKTOP-750VO7H (10:28 PM):so you can call them and still if you are unable to get it working post me a message on just answer and we can continue further thenyou can even reply to me on my emailhope that sounds ok...i will end this session and will reply back once i get your messageFSC081200052208 (10:30 PM):151 has a queue so don't know how long it will takeDESKTOP-750VO7H (10:31 PM):yes that is why..its best to get the wifi password ***** first from themyou need to ask them 2 things1. reset your wifi password2. enable wifii will end thisconnection for now and will reconnect once you reply to meis that ok
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I disconnected my admin password ***** BT and now need more help please
did you get your wifi enabled via bt and did you get a new wifi password ***** bt
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No she told me to insert a paper clip into the back of the router
then it changed colour several times, then she told me to contact you.
you need to enter that new wifi password ***** kindle and you should be able to connect seems that she got the password ***** but did not complete the setupopen teamviewer and let me know the id and password *****
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Teamviewer wants a partner ID
tell me the numbers on left side against your id and password
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
ID 593 581 328
Password *****
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I'm about to throw my kindle in the river and jump in after it!!!
i got reconnected but seems the connection dropped againthere seems to be a problem with your bt router settings as the password ***** using is not getting accepted
please contact bt on 151 and ask them to give you a new wifi password ***** then try connecting the kindle by entering the new wifi password ***** provide while they are on call so that if the password ***** not get accepted they can further check the router settings
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Okay Michelle, I just spoke to a BT Operator who told me that
I do not need any new password ***** ID. He told me to go into
the Kindle, and check the wi-fi setting. I then went into the shop
and downloaded a book - I seldom say this, but it appears it took a man
to make me happy again. I now have to face the wrath of my daughter
if her laptop doesn't work after all this effort.
Thank you for your help,
Is your kindle working fine now?Let me know when you are available i will check the laptop for internet connection too.