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Toshiba satellite C850-iLH, intermittent failure to connect

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Toshiba satellite C850-iLH, intermittent failure to connect to the internet in. particular G-mail, recently done a defrag to try to speed up process, and had messages from norton saying i have heavy outgoing information a need them to run a program, this was done about 7 days ago and the problem occoured about 5 days ago, now have a message from i-tunes saying it cannot download music to the laptop as i have a cururpt file, and do not have permission to overcome it, any help would be appricated as im not the most tech savy. ***@******.***. Thanks Pete
Hello Pete, and thank you for choosing my years of computer experience, and the nature of your description, has lead me to believe (at least initially) that you are suffering form a potential computer virus or malware or somethign nefarious..Due to the nature of the internet today, and how email messages can easily hide virus's that unknowingly are opened by technically challenged folks such as yourself..So i conclude that your machine is in desperate need of virus and malware CLEANING..Typically, this can be doen at home with a few well known tools, but a technically challenged person would be best served having your machine taken to a shop and serviced for a fee, not to exceed $100 for this service, UNLESS additional services are required. And sometimes the computer is so infected, that it is not possible to clean, but rather to FULLY erase, and REinstall all programs and the OS (operating system, normally called Windows)
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Sorry for the delay in replying laptop has been away, it was not a virus in was an update from Norton that went wrong, my son was dealing with it and Norton corrected the fault on there help line directly into the computer, free of charge. any comments ?.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ill await your reply before I'm prepared to rate.
Awesome that you got Norton to confess, and then actually do the update on your behalf. Thats is great news...i think norton is finally coming around..But, i was on the right track, and heres why.All Antivirus software has to ACT and execute, as a Virus would.Thats why when you have multiple Anti-Virus programs on a single computer, they will FLAG each other as being a potential Virus.So, i knew it had somethign to do with a Virus.....or....Virus like issue..I cant say that i recommend Norton, as they do not put out the best product in my opinion.....but as long as you are happy with using happy for you as well..Please take a moment to rate my performance.
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