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Josh, Computer Enthusiast
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I am***@******.*** received an e mail sent by "[email protected]

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I am***@******.***.
I received an e mail sent by "*****@******.***.
I tried to block it,but it said I cant block my own emails
It said( 100 FREE.Hello if you need a little help earning money on line,goto the link below)
I did not click,but deleted the email.
Hello, It's good that you deleted the email. Clicking on the link may have allowed malware to infect your computer. Unsolicited job offers that turn up in your email are ALWAYS frauds, no matter who they are sent from. Either way, deleting the email was the right response. If you'd clicked on "reply" to the email and then looked at the "To:" subject line, you would probably have seen that the senders disguised their email address by using yours and that it was really from another email address altogethers. The technology exists that allows scammers to fake the address of the sender so that the recipient believes the email is from some person or company he knows, so that he'd be more prone to open the email. That's likely what happened here. Because you don't have the email any more, you cannot click on reply and see who the real sender is. If you are concerned that your computer may have been hacked, however, you need to take your computer in to a local technician and have it checked for spyware and debugged. Alternatively, you could post a new question here in our Computer category, and one of the site's verified technicians can walk you through a debugging. Apart from those two options, do NOT give remote access to your computer to any company you don't know unless you have thoroughly vetted them and are sure they are legitimate. Many disreputable, scam computer tech companies make unsolicited contact and claim to be affiliated with Microsoft. They are not and should be avoided. If the tech you take your computer to tells you that your computer was infected, once he's cleaned it out, change all the PIN numbers and passwords.
Hi, I apologize; your question went to the wrong category originally. I am sending you a remote offer so I can connect to your computer and fix the issue/remove any viruses if your computer is infected.
Josh, Computer Enthusiast
Category: Computer
Satisfied Customers: 21628
Experience: Expert for over 10 years
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