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I have a number of files of photos some have come from

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I have a number of files of photos some have come from cameras and some saved from Facebook (these all relate to match photos from my club) When I downloaded them onto a memory stick to show on a TV the photos from face book come up as "cannot read file" the photos are JPEG and I have tried to compare the properties of each file but they seem to be the same except for the size of the file, can you advise
Hello and thank you for choosing so i fully put image files on a memory stick (all jpg files), and plug that memory stick into the TV, but only the image files that came from facebook do NOT show, citing an cannot read file error....but all the OTHER images do work.That about right?Are the 2 images you attached here, the images that came from facebook, and give you the cannot read file error?.What kind of Memory stick are you using?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I am using a 32GB memory stick with a number of files. The file I selected to show on the Panasonic Vieira TV includes photos directly from the person who took them (file 55.JPG) and one I took off Facebook (File 805.JPG). I have a number of separate games on the file but I cannot always get them from the photographer but he puts them on the clubs Facebook page where I copy them from. It would appear that theses are the ones that the TV Cannot read. I am trying to maintain match photos for the club on the Big screen TV but obviously it is not working if I copy them off facebook but I cannot see what the difference is? I have added some more files for you to look at the first one will show the second the TV cannot read.
Okay, i think it has something to do with the Television NOT being able to display SOME resoltions and image sizes..For example, the image 421, that will not display on the TV, is in a format that is PORTRAIT oriented. Which MAY be a reason.I need the EXACT model number of the TV so i can pull the manuals and see what the memory stick slot CAN actually display.So....what is the EXACT model number of the TV?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Sorry for the delay but the TV is up at the club and I went yesterday to get the information . The TV is a Panasonic TX 60ET5B 3D LED TV serial number(###) ###-####February 2013 Model.
I think i have foudn the Issue.Its not good either...but might be workable.....we shall see..The TV does NOT support PROGRESSIVE JPEG pictures.Seen here in this screenshot from your TV manual. .What is Progressive JPEG?Progressive JPEG and baseline JPEG are basically identical, and they work well on the same kinds of images. It is possible to convert between baseline and progressive representations of an image without any quality loss. (But specialized software is needed to do this; conversion by decompressing and recompressing is *not* lossless, due to round off errors.)A progressive JPEG file is not readable at all by a baseline-only JPEG decoder, so existing software will have to be upgraded before progressive JPEG can be used widely..Why would you have progressive JPEG's?Up until recently, there weren't many applications in which progressive JPEG ooked attractive, so it hasn't been widely implemented. But with the popularity of World Wide Web browsers running over slow modem links, and with the ever-increasing horsepower of personal computers, progressive JPEG has become a win for WWW use. IJG's free JPEG software (see part 2, item15) now supports progressive JPEG, and the capability is spreading fast in WWW browsers and other programs..So the imgaes you copied from Facebook, are this type of JPEG......Progressive.Unfortunately, you will have to convert these images before the TV can decode and display them..Make Sense?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
How do I convert from progressive to baseline do I need some soft ware?
Opening the progressive JPG in any image editing program and then saving it as JPG should convert the file..So, if you were to open the jpeg file in MSPaint, and then SAVE SHOULD save it as baseline.THEN you take the jpeg that you saved as in paint, and copy THAT file to the USB/mem card and insert into TV..See what happens.
But then again, you MIGHT have to use special imaging software like PHOTOSHOP!.I do KNOW that GIMP will allow you to save it as the advanced options......but GIMP is for LINUX, not windows.
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