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Quiksilver07070, Consultant
Category: Computer
Satisfied Customers: 793
Experience:  Consultant within every computer and networking category. Troubleshoot and maintain various operating systems. Sales Engineering.
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I can not open my page

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I can not open my page
Hello and thank you for choosing allow me a few minutes to gather your information and get back to you.
So, what exactly is the issue?.I checked the webpage, and it is showed up for me, and looked to be working..So, are you just not able to Login?What happens when you try to login?
Quiksilver07070 and other Computer Specialists are ready to help you
Nabil,Can you tell me what happens when you try to go to the webpage?.Or, I can connect to your computer, and do a remote session.Use the below link to connect us together in a remote session.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
when can I have my problem solved please?
im trying to solve the problem now..But you need to work WITH ME........and answer my questions.HELP ME to HELP YOU!
What happens when you try to go to the webpage?Does it give you an error message?.What happens when you TRY to login?Does it give you an error message?
If you want to use the link above, I can connect to your computer and SEE your screen, and control your computer, which would make this easier......but YOU need to click on the link (below)
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It does not open even after going along with changing my password !
what is your email and your OLD password?and what is your NEW password......maybe I can try to see if it will work for me.
Are you not able to click on my link I gave you, so we can connect together in a remote session?This will allow me to SEE your computer screen, and control your computer for the sole purpose of HELPING you fix this login issue for
We are not magic, we are not able to just make things work.....I depend on YOU to give me information so I can SOLVE or FIX your problem.If you do not work WITH me.....then I can NOT help you..Keep in mind, I am highly educated, and have a degree in Computer Network/Science Technology....but that does not mean I just KNOW every single password ***** Login that there is..It is highly important that we work TOGETHER......answer the questions I ask....or use the link I gave you to connect us together in a remote session, so I can CONTROL your computer, and FIX the issue.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
***@******.*** password : cromwellhamami18(underscored) new password ***** to be : Gloria9?
What do you mean, about the (underscored)?What is underscored?If you can not type it out, how are you able to type it in he website for
I need to connect to your have clicked on the RESET password ***** many times.When you click on reset will DEACTIVATE your current password, and not allow you to login until you CHANGE it again..I need o connect to your computer to SHOW you HOW to do this PROPERLY!!Use the link below to connect us together.
I am waiting for you to connect to the remote session, so i can SEE and CONTROL your ocmputer to help solve this issue.Are you having trouble with using the link i gave you?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
If you just facilitate access to using perhaps the : Gloria9? password *****
that password ***** NOT work..Okay how about this.....give me access to your EMAIL address. I need your password ***** your email, and i will be able to fix your issue with www.MYL2P.comif i can get into your email address, i can RESET the password *****
Hello?I can NOT solve this problem WITHOUT your input......I need the same access to your email to be able to RESET your password ***** not sure why you do not understand this.......this is how the internet works..Or you can email support for www.myl2p.comHere is their email address you can try to email them and see if they can help you.....i cant do this on YOUR behalf, because i dont have access to your email *****@******.***
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have already asked your good office to cancel my membership.
Thank You.
That is unfortunate.....I could have helped you....but you were not able to follow my instructions.