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I would like to use an aviation app on my mini-iPad2, or

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I would like to use an aviation app on my mini-iPad2, or iPhone 4S. The requirements for the app to function are that the device has a 3-axes gyroscope, a 3-axes accelerometer, a 3-axes magnetometer and a GPS receiver. The app is available in both iOS and Android versions.
I know that both the iPad2 and iPhone 4S have GPS, but I don't know about the other features.
Please could you advise whether the other features are part of the iPad/iPhone features?

Hi there and welcome

The iPad has the sensors but it only has Assisted GPS, not an actual GPS receiver so you need to ensure you get an iPad with the 3G/LTE option. Even without a Sim card in it it will still get the GPS from the cell towers, and provides good GPS while flying.

The iPhone is the same, but as it always has a Cell tower connection it has no issue with GPS.

So to summarize both devices will work, just make sure you have the mini-ipad2 with 3G/LTE.

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