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My laptop & tablet connect to my hub OK but my kindle says

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My laptop & tablet connect to my Virgin hub OK but my kindle says there is no avaiable Network not connected. Worked OK last week but not responding after recharging the battery. Please help.

Hi, thank you for contacting My name is Russell. I will do my best to provide the right answer to your question.

Check that the WiFi is enabled on your Kindle, in the settings or options of your Kindle, as a first step of course.

Does your Kindle actually *see* the Virgin mobile hub, when you scan for WiFi stations?

(What model of Kindle do you have, please?)

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Version: Kindle 4.1.3(###) ###-#### ***** settings Under WiFi Networks Available WiFi Netwoks(0), Network not connected. I am sending this reply on the network so my laptop is connected OK. There are no WiFi stations appearing on the Kindle so I cannot select any!

But you can see the WiFi when using the laptop or other computer, correct?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
WiFi OK for both tablet and laptop. I have the kindle beside me as I type this reply and it is showing no signal, my laptop shows 100%.

No signal anywhere? That sounds like the Kindle is 'broken' in the WiFi facility.

Try these things:

- take the Kindle to another locale, if you can, that has WiFi. You don't have to connect to it or have the right and privilege to connect to it, you just have to scan for it, see if the Kindle sees that it is there.

- but first, turn Off WiFi in the Kindle's settings. Wait 5 minutes. Turn it On again, scan for the Virgin hotspot.

- if that doesn't bring it up into view, then restart your Kindle device by holding down the Power button for 20 seconds... the screen should go blank after 5 to 8 seconds, which is normal. But keep holding the button down for 20 seconds. Then see if WiFi is once more usable, after the Kindle restarts in a minute or two after you let the button go.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Tried all of your suggestions (had done so previously) but no response. I assume that the Kindle is 'broken' and will have to be discarded. I suspect the cost of any repair (if that is possible) would be as much or more than a new device. Please confirm my assumption is correct and also confirm that this is a one off payment for your advice. Thank you. Alan C.

I think that for any questions about charges, I cannot answer meaningfully, having no power over charges, billing, payments, subscription status (or membership status, or not).

Contact Customer Support at for information on charges, through


As for the cost of a repair to your Kindle... there are various repair possibilities, including of course. You can contact any one of them to get an estimation from them of repair charges for this sort of problem.

If you like, I can list contact information for each repair possibility, if you'd like to make that check.

By the way, have you tried your Kindle elsewhere, yet? that was what I suggested first, but is a good last check to make before either repairing or discarding your Kindle.

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