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Just been with Pete where do I find motherboard and position

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Just been with Pete where do I find motherboard and position D500 on my Toshiba L955-10J laptop ?.

Hi, I'm Carl and I can continue where Pete left off on the Bios Password ***** on your Toshiba. D500 is a location on the Motherboard that contains 2 points that will have to be touched by a conductive material such as a flat head screw driver. In order to access this location, you will have to gain access to the Motherboard which requires a full disassembly of the Laptop. There are several screws that must be removed from the base of the Laptop then you must remove the Hard Drive, Keyboard, Wireless Card, Battery, and DVD Drive in order to separate the Upper Palm Reset Plastic Assembly from the Base. Once the Upper Plastic Assembly is separated, it will expose the Motherboard. This Board will also contain a few screws to be removed in order to remove the Board from the Base Plastic Assembly. From there you can located D500 and short the Pins then reassemble.

If you need any clarification or have additional questions, just let me know.

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