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I am returning my Kindle Paperwhite to Amazon and need to

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I am returning my Kindle Paperwhite to Amazon and need to empty the contents. How do I do this, please?

1. Press the Home button.

2. In the list of the content already on your device, move the 5-way to underline the item you want to remove.

3. Move the 5-way to the left to remove the item.

4. For books purchased from the Kindle Store you will see “remove from device” and for all other content you will see “delete.” Press the 5-way to remove the content. To change your mind, move the 5-way up or down to cancel. Note that Kindle books are backed up for you at Amazon even if they are removed from the device.

5. For content other than books purchased from the Kindle Store, you will need to confirm the deletion of the content by selecting “ok.”

To clean up your library on Kindle Paperwhite, you can remove items by pressing and holding the item’s name or cover on the Home screen. When the dialog box appears, tap Remove from Device. This option will vary depending upon the content. Your content will remain stored securely in the Cloud for download at a later time.

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I see you have requested an additional service for secure remote assistance. I have accepted your additional service offer and i will be assisting your with the remote assistance to solve

the problem you have posted.

Click on the remote link and as it opens the page scroll down and click on the green button "I Agree" download and run Secure Remote Assistance
Allow it to install and let it be opened. I will be able to connect then.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Michelle's answer provided a solution, therefore I no longer require remote assistance, thank you. Allan Ellis