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Help with transfer of data from galaxy fame mobile to a

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help with transfer of data from galaxy fame mobile to a smartphone s4

Hi my name is ***** ***** I will be the expert working with you today to help and resolve the problem you have posted.

I am sorry to hear that you are having such trouble. I will try my best to help you out and resolve the problem as quick as possible.

Install the app on both the phones and then start backing up data this will backup Apps, SMS, Contacts, Call logs, calender, bookmarks etc for free its a free app and save it on your email oh sd card.

Once its done run the Smartphone S4 open "Super backup" and run the restore option its that simple.

Michelle and other Computer Specialists are ready to help you

I see you have requested an additional service for secure remote assistance. I have accepted your additional service offer and i will be assisting your with the remote assistance to solve

the problem you have posted.

Click here to run remote session if you are chatting with me from a computer

Customer HiCustomer This is MichelleCustomer pleaase open justanswer main chat window.Customer i am connected to the remote sessionCustomer let me take the mouse control nowCustomer let me know both the phone model numbers
Guest: galaxy fame e0168 g7 s81p smartphone g719500Customer both the phones are Samsung brand?
Guest: hi let me crrect those model nos fame isgtsyesCustomer ok
Guest: fameisgt86810psmartphone is gt 19500 okCustomer What is the make? is it Samsung?
Guest: yes they are both samsungCustomer ok good do you have the data cable?Customer connect the old phone to this computer.
Guest: no0Customer ??Customer you do not have the charge or data cable?
Guest: no i do not have data cable aCustomer no problem can you open google app on the phoneCustomer i mean the app store
Guest: will not open hold on just connectedCustomer connected what?
Guest: with samsung apps storeCustomer is it connected to this pc on which we are chatting?
Guest: no it is notCustomer can you follow steps which i will give.
Guest: i will try sorry to be a blipCustomer enter you google id and passwordCustomer do you have a google acccount?Customer android phone work with google account
Guest: yesCustomer logint to google account let me show.
Guest: ok leave it to youCustomer take you phone in your hand the old one
Guest: okCustomer and open google app store in the search type in super backup
Guest: okiCustomer you will see this iconCustomer select this and install it on both the phones after done let me know.Customer did you install super backup on both the phones?
Guest: bear with me a moment updating google on new phoneCustomer take your time its fine with me.
Guest: thankyou for being patientCustomer no problem
Guest: ok sweetheart we are good to goCustomer installed in both the phonesCustomer ?
Guest: yestheyare
Guest: hello are you still thereCustomer yes i am
Guest: thought you had abandon meCustomer no i am still there and waiting for you to run the backup for all the components your want. Try to save them on your email as well.
Guest: thats about it i thinkCustomer have you done with the backups all done?
Guest: ithink so
iCustomer now open superbackup on the new phone and open it,Customer runt the restore options on the new phone.
Guest: ok
Guest: HELLO AGAIN ARE WE DONE NOWCustomer must be done you tell me.
Guest: ithink so thankyou for being so patient and a pleasure to chat with you have a nice weekend and again many thanks