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How do I reinstall MS Office 2010 that came preinstalled on

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How do I reinstall MS Office 2010 that came preinstalled on my Acer Aspire 5750? I have the MS product code but can't reinstall via the MS site , it advises to contact the laptop manufacturer. Thanks

Hi my name is ***** ***** I will be the expert working with you today to help and resolve the problem you have posted.

Do you have the MS office product key and not Microsoft windows key?

Michelle and other Computer Specialists are ready to help you

Click on the remote link and as it opens the page scroll down and click on the green button "I Agree" download and run Secure Remote Assistance
Allow it to install and let it be opened. I will be able to connect then.

I am connected and waiting for you to connect to the remote screen.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I can't see any remote screen to accept the connection.

did you see now or you can click here

connected now

screen is black i cant see your screen.

your connection is not showing up here
can you click on the remote link below

click here

Customer hiCustomer hiCustomer michelle this sideCustomer i am connected now
Guest: hi, sorry my internet connection went downCustomer let me know do you have a microsoft account like an email ending with or or outlook,com or
Guest: no I don'tCustomer ok first of all we need to sign up for a microsoft account and then we need to check the product key you have..we need to check if that prouct key is for ms office or some other microsoft productCustomer i will open the microsoft page where you may create an account firstCustomer please fill up the details to create a microsoft accountCustomer sorry to interruptCustomer let me know one thing when you sign into windows does it have a username and password
Guest: noCustomer ok then you may proceed with the formCustomer thanksCustomer now sign in with the account that we just createdCustomer ok now let me know the product key you have on this chat page
Guest: GC9JY YQGD8 4DX6Y WVDW7 RRHCMCustomer okCustomer could you pleasetype the G as the first letter in product key
Guest: the third box is wrongCustomer yesCustomer got itCustomer please enter the keyCustomer ok the good part is that the key is a valid keyCustomer nhowever the downlaod is not listedCustomer so what we can do is remove office first and then wecan contact microsoft to get the downlaod linkCustomer dont worry i will contact microsoft to get this sorted for youCustomer just remeber this outlook id and password ***** you just created as i amy need it for the reinstallCustomer let me remove the existing office firstCustomer seems you already removed itCustomer ok let me get started in connecting with microsoft
Guest: yes by mistake - window 10 - I did a reset rather than a restore and lost all preloaded softwareCustomer okCustomer i will have to get microsoft provide a download link for the keyCustomer pleaseleave the mouseCustomer lfCustomer type your phone numberCustomer well the key is for windows 7Customer its not for officeCustomer so just check if you have any other label on computer that says microsoft office on it
Guest: I have microsoft guy on the line he say reconnect to the chatCustomer youcan tell him that you ened time to find the keyCustomer you will contact gain laterCustomer without the key they will not give download linkCustomer check on the computer nowCustomer do you have any other key labelCustomer lets wiat for it completeCustomer i am online with you and will ensure its opening up fine after installation
Guest: thank you I appreicate your help, seems like we are getting thereCustomer yes... i will stay connected till we have office appps like word open on your pc
Guest: thank you. i will never do a reset on windows 10 again!Customer you are welcomeCustomer it seems to be stalled but dont worry it will take time to install
Guest: okCustomer seems to be stuckCustomer let me initiate once more
Guest: okCustomer seems there was a problem and your windows file system locked out the install
Guest: ok, so what to do now?Customer well not to i said i will get this resolved...will have to get the installation initiated through microsoft againCustomer let me tryCustomer your phone numberCustomer enter itCustomer please leave the mouseCustomer click i accep[tCustomer i seem to be unable to click on i acceptCustomer are you bale to click on it
Guest: no it wont acceptCustomer let me tryCustomer it seems its windows problemCustomer can you type 425488Customer its not working?
Guest: nothing is workingCustomer kCustomer let me do one thing..lets do a reboot of the that whetever is stalling this stopsCustomer then after reboot we can continueCustomer i would get reconnectedCustomer in case i dont open your just answer email and click view answerCustomer did the computer restart?
Guest: reboot yesCustomer okCustomer did you got a call from Microsoft?
Guest: no not this timeCustomer okCustomer please loginCustomer yipeeeCustomer its setup
Guest: is there excel and powerpoint etc?Customer yesCustomer let me openCustomer you can see under product activated what all has been installed
Guest: ok
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
My internet connection went down right at the very end. Just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help.

Thank you for using our service and have a good day ahead.