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Under Chrome's settings there is an option to allow Guest

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Under Chrome's settings there is an option to allow Guest Browsing and let anyone Add a Person.
What does that mean?

Hi Richard

It means You can let friends and family browse the Internet on your computer and still keep your account information private by using Guest mode.

When friends and family members browse as guests on your computer, none of their browsing history or cookies are saved. They also can’t see or change your Chrome information or settings.

Both Guest mode and Incognito mode are temporary browsing modes, but there are some basic differences between them.

  • Guest mode: A user in Guest mode doesn't leave any browsing history or cookies on the computer.
  • Incognito mode: You don't leave any browsing history or cookies on the computer, but you can still see your existing history, bookmarks, passwords, Autofill data, and other Chrome settings.

Important: Neither Incognito mode nor Guest mode makes you invisible on the web. Websites you visit, your employer, or your service provider can still see your browsing activity.

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