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I can receive email in outlook 2016 but I cannot send, I

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I can receive email in outlook 2016 but I cannot send, I switched from EE to Sky and I can send email from my sky account but I cannot forward any emails from my EE account.

Hi my name is ***** ***** I will be the expert working with you today to help and resolve the problem you have posted.

I am sorry to hear that you are having such trouble. I will try my best to help you out and resolve the problem as quick as possible.

Do you have access to EE email and Sky as well if you login to webmail?

Michelle and other Computer Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 1 year ago.

I see you have requested an additional service for secure remote assistance. I have accepted your additional service offer and i will be assisting your with the remote assistance to solve the problem you have posted.

Click on the remote link and as it opens the page scroll down and click on the green button "I Agree" download and run Secure Remote Assistance
Allow it to install and let it be opened. I will be able to connect then.

Connected and working on the issue.

Customer hiCustomer i am connected.Customer may i take the mouse control?
Guest: yesCustomer you have both the emails conigured on outllo?Customer outlook i mean
Guest: yesCustomer give me both your email addresses
Guest:***@******.*** ***@******.***
Guest: I use outlook 2016 which opens on the start up menuCustomer is there any other email address also configured in outlook?
Guest: noCustomer so its***@******.******@******.***Customer 2 email addresses correct?
Guest: yesCustomer which one has a problem and in what?
Guest: wanadoo address will not send emails so I cannot forward anything that comes inCustomer ok give me a minute i am checking the account
Guest: I would like everything to work through sky accountCustomer let me see if the wanadoo email is working or not.Customer enter the outlook emial password
Guest: RoloRoss14Customer type it on the password ***** boxCustomer on outookCustomer can you enter the correct password ***** this email
Guest: I thought that was itCustomer Sorry, the details you entered weren't recognised. Please try again.Customer do you have access to this email
Guest: yesCustomer let me open the webmail for youCustomer give me a momentCustomer dont do anything now
Guest: open in myskyCustomer enter the passswordCustomer enter a new password ***** please dont forget.Customer when was the last time you accessed EE email without a problemCustomer you will have to call up to check if your account is good and if yes then the password ***** has to be done from there side as its not accepting the new password ***** have just changed.Customer Problem is not outlook its your account with EE which has to be taken care first.Customer try to login again
Guest: I am no longer an EE customer I am a Sky customerCustomer if you are no longer an EE customer then you will not have access to the***@******.*** email.Customer it must have been removed from the EE email server.Customer you can only use sky email now
Guest: I have tried setting up my sky email address in 2016 do you want me to open itCustomer your current isp is sky is that correct?
Guest: yesCustomer so you can configure outlook for sky only and not***@******.***
Guest: yesCustomer we will have to remove***@******.*** from outlook and configure the sky email.
Guest: OKCustomer I am removing itCustomer ?Customer shall i
Guest: ThanksCustomer Enter the detailsCustomer I need to restart the computer.Customer does this windows oulook works fine?Customer you cannot use 2 outlook at the same time as it clashes with each other as they use the same internal files altogether.
Guest: no, can we remove 2010?Customer yes i willCustomer Its done all we need it a second reboot and we are all set.
Guest: fineCustomer Is there anything else i may assist you with?
Guest: I still have the same problem!Customer in Windows outlook?
Guest: YesCustomer can you open the email and show me the problem
Guest: OK
Guest: It is not sendingCustomer ok give me 2 mins i am working on my side.
Guest: ThanksCustomer please open your sent mail folderCustomer i have received your test mail can you send a test email to me again.
Guest: ok message sentCustomer let me checkCustomer message receivedCustomer check new email i have replied it backCustomer click on send receiveCustomer may i check
Guest: okCustomer its working your received it
Guest: GreatCustomer your emails which was stuck on outbox has also gone successfully.
Guest: Thank you very muchCustomer i hope we are all set.