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I have a Galaxy S5 that I dropped and the display no longer

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I have a Galaxy S5 that I dropped and the display no longer works. I have installed Smartswitch onto my PC but cannot extract the data for my phone since it will not permit USB transfer unless I unlock it (there is no password ***** of course I have to allow the transfer and cannot with a dead screen).Is there a way i can recover the data ready to install on the replacement S5 I have?Thanks
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Obviously I cannot answer the phone as I have no screen

Hi there and welcome

I will not waste your time and tell you upfront, and no it is not possible until you get the screen placed and working again.

Any communications on the phone is blocked until it is unlocked, and unlocking it can only be done on the screen.

But, replacing the screen will not effect your data, so once the screen is working again it will allow you to access the data.

What I advise though is in the future install an app called dropbox as this will back up your data online.

I also advise you to click on my link below and see if your photos are there.

And sign in with the same account you used on your phone.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
This is no use to me. I have bought another phone

sorry I do not understand your last response..

Did you see the message I sent you?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I have been charged £31 and my problem is not solved. This is why I am dissatisfied!

Hello again.

I see you gave me the worst possible rating, indicating I was rude and incorrect...

Can I ask (again) please, have you read the initial message I sent you?

As since writing it I have only had responses to me from you that I am no use, you are dissatisfied with me ect...

But as of yet I am unsure if you have even read it.

May I kindly ask to reply to me in a sincere and normal manner rather than this type of hostile interaction to me?

I think this is a better way to communicate

Thank you

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I rated one star, because I was dissatisfied as my problem has not been solved. I accept what you say that It cannot be solved; I had no intention of indicating that you were rude or hostile. I cannot in all fairness be satisfied in paying £31 without the solution. Now your system suggests I pay a further £22. That is not acceptable to me as I am sure you appreciate given the circumstances.

I never mentioned anything about money and sorry but I do not appreciate the rating...

You are rating me personally, I told you an honest and clear answer, told you what you need to do to resolve it, even gave you a link to check if your photos which you are yet to even do, to see if they are there, and you have replied to this effort with this complaint about me.

I am sorry but I feel that is not fair or how someone should be treated. You as the customer are free to rate as you feel of course, I just feel it is not right and not how I am generally treated by customers.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I have promoted you to OK. I gave my Visa details understanding that Iw as to be charged £31. Is this then not the case?

I see nothing about chargers, I mentioned I have nothing to do with them, and have not mentioned anything about them

I am rated here, I have a bad rating from you which is a formal complaint about my service.

This is all that has occurred here. It is a pity you have regarded me in such a manner as I really believe if you took the time and carefully read my initial message to you you would see it t helps you but it appears this is not the case, and the complaint is now there about me.

I am not sure what more I can say on this sorry, and wish to avoid any further complaints about me from you please...

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