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Category: Computer
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Jon can help me my son bought me 2 swann bullet HD security

Customer Question

Hi there Jon can help me my son bought me 2 swann bullet HD security cameras for use with swann 4750 serious HD DVRs Jon I've got HD floureon DVR swann cameras where working fine with my floureon DVR but don't know if I have pressed button on my remote control as now can't see on my TV as my TV going coloured lines can help me and let know what do do I need buy any kind cables can't see outside as T V just different coulared l
Submitted: 6 months ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  JamesI replied 6 months ago.

Hi Ann Marie,

Its sounds like you have changed the PAL image to NTSC, PAL is the standard used in the UK and NTSC for US.

To confirm when viewing your DVR on your TV none of the cameras are showing a clear image?

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Jon its Anne***** ***** how can I put back pal thanks Anne***** *****
Expert:  JamesI replied 6 months ago.

Hi Annemarie, my name is***** is currently offline.

We first need to confirm that its indeed the video format which is causing the issue, can you confirm all camera feeds are showing this issue?

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
James or Jon Anne***** ***** I could not afford to pay another £22 as thought when paid £28 yous would fix it for me I stay on my own bad with my nerves husband passed away very young age 29 yes old got son but he's 35yrs of age got own family thanks anyway Anne***** *****
Expert:  JamesI replied 6 months ago.

Hi Annemarie, there is no additional charge the initial payment you made is all that is required to assist you, there may be offers for things like phone calls at an extra cost but you can discard them they are just optional services.

So if you would like assistance to fix your issue based on the £28 paid let me know if all the cameras are showing the same problem of just the new ones you recently setup.

However if you would prefer a refund of your initial payment let me know and I can pass this over to customer services.

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
James Anne***** ***** yes all my 4 cameras James cameras working fine don't know pressed something on my remote control its 32 inch blaupunkt TV model number is ***** thanks Anne***** *****
Expert:  JamesI replied 6 months ago.

Ok but does the TV work normally when watching TV or do you just use that TV for viewing your DVR?

Expert:  JamesI replied 6 months ago.

Whats the model number of the DVR?

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
TV works fine when move source button to HDMI 1 cameras HDMI on 2 thanks
Customer: replied 6 months ago.
My DVR is floureon 4 camera model number is ***** 4850 2015 James my son gets it checked every year just got QC passed on November 2017 my DVR 2015 yr still new as stay on my own James can watch DTV on TV fine as not had TV long about 16 months thanks Annemarie
Expert:  JamesI replied 6 months ago.

I cant seem to find the DVR matching that model number, are you able to take a picture of your DVR remote control so I can see what options you have, then attach it to this forum?

Expert:  JamesI replied 6 months ago.

You appear to have raised the same question multiple times, I have closed the duplicates so your not double charged. Can you confirm current issue you have with your TV

Expert:  JamesI replied 5 months ago.

Do you require any further assistance?