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I am transferring my pts 73 motherboard to a new case but

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I am transferring my pts 73 motherboard to a new case but need the connections for the front panel cables

Hi, my name is ***** ***** I'll be assisting you.

Are you referring to front panel as in the power button, power LED, reset, etc? the USB and Audio,?

Did some research, it looks like the PTS73 is manufactured by either Asus or MSI. It looks identical to some of the older MSI boards I have had. So the pinouts for the front panel controls should be this:

The connector will be all black and towards the opposite end of the board from the rear ports. The black pin in the diagram above is the key pin. There's no pin there, it's to help differentiate where Pin 1 is on the connector.

If you look at this photo, the connector being referred to is in the bottom left corner of the board.

Along the left-hand side, with the yellow connectors are the USB connectors for any front panel USB ports. They will be keyed, meaning you should only be able to put the connector on one way. In the top left in black should be the Front Panel Audio connector. Again, it should be keyed so the plug will only go on one way. Some front panel connector cables have two plugs. One may say HD Audio, one might say AC97. One of those two will fit.

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