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I am looking to by my parents a laptop. They are complete

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I am looking to by my parents a laptop. They are complete novices and just learning. (70yrs old!)
I have been looking at a few laptops, but it is a maze! What is the best(ish) beginners laptop for about £250?

Hello and welcome! I would be happy to assist today with your question.

Give me just a moment while I review the information provided.

Customer: replied 14 days ago.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Welcome back! If you want a quick answer, the laptop I would recommend is a Dell. It's easy because the updates are managed by Dell. As long as you set it up in the beginning, you won't have an issue. For $200, you can get a nice laptop. Then if you get an extended warranty (if you aren't able to troubleshoot for them) or if you install something like Teamviewer which allows you to remote in as needed, you can benefit from that if they run into issues. Teamview is free and is what I use sometimes when the default Justanswer secure connect isn't working on someone's PC.

If that helped you, of course let me know. Otherwise, if you have something specific you're looking for, please do let me know and I will do my best to hunt it for you. But I'd recommend a Dell like I said because it's all managed by their software and makes it a breeze for tech support if you ever had to reach out to them on their behalf.

Customer: replied 14 days ago.
Thank you, I’m in the UK Dell is a little more than £250!!

Oh i'm sorry! I didn't consider the difference between here and there. Let me see if I can do some more digging for you

Laptops are really tricky because below the price point of the Dell's, and you get into not so good laptops. I had that experience because an older family member wanted me to find the cheapest laptop. It was $400 USD and when I got it, it was very slow and had a loud processor. I think it had a bad hard drive in it but if you aren't buying one from a big box store, you have to be careful. Even I was duped and should have gotten her one directly from a Big Box computer company. You might try and start there. Another option is Chrome laptops. They are generally cheaper than your Dell computers but don't run Windows. They actually operate only an Android type operating system. So the good is that they can't install a lot but that's also the bad with them.

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Customer: replied 14 days ago.
Thank you for you help, I think I’ll keep digging!

When you went to the Dell site that I linked, what did it say the starting price for those laptops were? I'm just curious to see the regional difference.

After you respond with that, I will let you be. I appreciate the accept too.