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I have a Google account email problems, I forgot my password

Customer Question

I have a Google account email problems, I forgot my password ***** wks ago so reset it changed password. Tried to Sign in with new pword, it would not accept my new password. Tried fixing it meself, even did a new email address, nothing works. My YouTube videos are lost as well, it won’t accept my password ***** I answer all security Q’s don’t know wen I opened my Google a/c maybe 2005???
My printer does not print text or letters, even though colour ink is Ok. Desktop PC is V slow getting on Net, tried defragger App still slow. I even called in a IT Engineer, stayed 5 mins, he did what I had done. I think Google have blocked my account, too many attempts by me, Google give same message, can’t verify its my account. Tried new email address can’t get emails for 3 wks. My Inbox must be really long.Please can you help?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Chris L. replied 11 months ago.

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will be happy to assist you. Google will block your account if you try to sign in too many times and enter the incorrect password. It sounds like you and the IT engineer tried the reset process which is the same as I would do. What I can do for you is provide you with all the information I have on this process. I have helped hundreds of people in your situation. Please stand by for a moment and I will provide with everything you need to know.

Expert:  Chris L. replied 11 months ago.

If you have already tried all of the steps at the password ***** page here then unfortunately you may not be able to recover this account unless you can remember the password ***** use the back up options that are showing to you.

Gmail being a free email service does not offer any support aside from what you have seen online. A few years back they did have more options for people in your situation but now they simply suggest you create a new account or continue to tell you that they cannot verify the account is yours.

Depending on the recovery options you set up on your account you will likely be shown some or all of the following in order to prove it is yours.

Last password ***** remember

Answer security questions

Enter the account creation date

Get a text via mobile phone with a code

Now let me give you some tips for a successful recovery.

The last password ***** remember question needs to be 100% correct or else you will fail recovery.

The security question would also need to be 100% correct.

The creation date question is very tricky since almost no one remembers. This one does not have to be 100% accurate however it needs to be close, I would guess it needs to be within a month or so but the year must be correct. Some things you can do to help you remember when you created the account are:

Finding the account creation verification e-mail which would have been sent to another account you owned at the time.

If it was created as part of a new mobile device setup, check the date on the sales receipt for the device.

If the account was created for starting mobile device service, check the start date of your mobile contract.

Asking contacts if they saved a change-of-email message sent from the new Gmail account or any other e-mail you sent when the account was new.

Checking the creation date of any other accounts opened at the same time, like: PayPal, eBay, Facebook, Amazon, etc.

If you still have access to the account (perhaps from a mobile device still signed in) check the All Mail label for the original account creation e-mail or the oldest messages you still have saved.

Now as far as the code being sent to your phone goes. If you are able to get this you should be able to recover the account. If you are still denied after getting the code you likely entered one of the other things incorrectly.

Here are some more tips of things google tracks which will help prove it is your account. When trying to reset the password ***** do some from a location that you have logged into the account from before and if possible from the same computer. If you try resetting the password ***** a computer or location that you never logged into the account from before your chances of getting back in will be reduced.

All of the above said you basically need to keep trying if you want to get back into the account and try and figure out which information you have gotten wrong.

Google leaves account security 100% up to you, the user. So if you never updated your recovery options or they are out of date for example you left a phone number on the account you no longer have access to then you are out of luck.

As for your youtube videos, if you cannot get back into the account you can get the youtube videos and reupload them under a new account. Just copy a link to your youtube video and enter it on this website then choose the format (mp4) and click start, after a few moments it will give you a button to download your video.

Hopefully this saves you some time in the long run and prevents anything like this from ever happening again. It would be greatly appreciated if you could rate my reply to you by clicking 3 stars are more. I of course understand this is not great news news but you are just rating me personally and not google, their policies, or the situation itself.

Thank you