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Consumer Electronics
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i hope this is in the right category i wish to run a cable

i hope this is in... Show More
i hope this is in the right category

i wish to run a cable in an underground service pipe approx 100 ft to an end of garden office. i need to install a cable (cat 6 i have been advised ) to run the broadband in the office to the house and a sky cable again i have been advised cat 6 from the house to another sky plus box in the office. not sure yet if this is going to come from the house sky box or from the sky aerial on the house.

can anyone see any problems with my plan ? and is cat 6 the best option for this or is there any better cables i should be using,

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carlday1 :


Thank you for using Just Answer my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will help you with your question.

I agree that cat 6 or even cat 5e would be suitable for broadband use.

Are you planned to connect the cable to your broadband router?

There is a cost difference between cat 6 and cat 5e. In my house I use cat 5e it will support speed of up to gigabit. Cat 6 will support up to 10GB over short distances It is really up to you both will do the same job.

The sky cable I would use shotgun sky cable.

For the sky, another box needs to be connected to the sky dish, the same as the first box. Each box needs its own feed from the dish. This is done using coax.

I hope this helps if you need more advice please feel free to ask.


hi thanks for answering


ok so i would probably get someone in to connect onto the sky dish with another cable - is it something that a regular aerial engineer could do maybe ?


and yes i am planning to connect the cable to my broadband router and then use a repeater to enable me to receive the signal on the decking - i plan to spend next summer sipping pimms on the decking with internet access !

carlday1 :

Yes, a regular tv aerial engineer will be able to connect and test the connection easily.

Connecting your repeater to the cable will be perfect for extending the wireless.

Sitting on decking with pimms and internet sounds perfect if the weather is like it has been.

I would suggest running the cat6 cable to two boxes on the wall with rj45 sockets in, then using patch leads from box on wall to router and likewise for the repeater.


great many thanks - thats brilliant - i will go shopping for my cable - and raise a glass of pimms to you when its installed

I am pleased I could help you. If you need any more help or advice please feel free to ask.