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How long will four 1.5V 2900MAh AA batteries, connected in

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How long will four 1.5V 2900MAh AA batteries, connected in series (6V) last when 0.2MA is constantly drawn?
Battery capacity = 2900mAh = 2900*10^-3 AhCurrent drawn = 0.2mA = 0.2*10^-3 AHence, time for wich this current can be deliverd = 2900*10^-3/0.2*10^-3 = 14500 hrs Ans.This is ideal time but actual time will be less because of losses due to resistance etc.Kindly rate the answer.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for the answer, it seems specific enough - but could you possibly estimate an approximate and reasonable margin for allowance of the increase in the battery internal resistance ?
It depends on the design of the battery and operating conditions. It may vary from 50% to 90%, that is, actual time will vary from 7250 hrs to 13050 hrs.
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