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My husband had an Actinic Keratoses removed from his left temple

Customer Question

My husband had an Actinic Keratoses removed from his left temple last week, the incision required 6 stitches which are due to be removed tomorrow. He suffered a severe stroke 18 months ago, leaving him with mobility problems, no speech and severe sensitivity to his right side. He is on the following medication:- Tildiem,Valsartan,Celiprolol,Gabapentin,Epilim,Metformin, Simvastatin, Warfarin, Dutasteride.
This 'op' has knocked him for six. He hasn't been eating as well as usual due to nausea, yet
having some extreme bowel movements and he is very lethargic, spending most of the time sleeping in bed. Due to all this discomfort he is experiencing, I am concerned about any furtfurther pain he'll have when the stitches come out, as he is at such a low ebb. I have found this Emla cream which could act as a slight local anaesthetic, but am not sure whether it will be safe to use on the actual incision, as it specifies skin and doesn't mention wounds and also the chance of any side effects, due to the amount of medication he is taking. Could you please advise?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Dermatology