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My almost eight-year old son Edward has started to suffer from

Customer Question

My almost eight-year old son Edward has started to suffer from a severely itchy skin condition this week. Approximately one month ago, I noticed some skin-coloured bumps on his knees - they looked like warts and did not bother them. I also noticed that the skin of his face was not as smooth as usual : when you looked at his cheeks very closely there seemed to be a few tiny bumps under the skin. Because these bumps did not bother him I decided to keep an eye on my son and see if it all cleared up on its own. This week, in the midst of a stressful family episode (my younger son had a severe accident), the bumps on his knees multiplied. Similar ones appeared on both his elbows. Subsequently, his thighs became incredibly itchy, and now his bottom is also involved. Various parts flare up in waves: initially he feels an intense itchy sensation, then you see redness of the skin, then white spots appear (they almost look like insect bites). The poor lad is so itchy that he is in agony and scratches himself raw. The flare-ups are particularly bad in the evening and night. Initially an out of hours nurse diagnosed it as molluscum contagiosum but our GP thought that this was a misdiagnosis. He thinks it is dermatitis, but is unsure regarding the exact underlying cause. He gave us a steroid cream which we applied three times today but tonight's itchiness episode was as bad as ever. I am a pretty desperate mum as my son has now had very limited sleep for an entire week. Any advice ?? NB. The trunk of my son's body (torso, abdomen +back )and his neck are not affected.

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Dermatology
Expert:  Dr. David replied 4 years ago.
This is Dr. David

these flair ups sound like very bad eczema of the skin, which is highly reactive skin.

viral infections can cause these sorts of severe rashes as well, but usually, the child feels ill or has a low grade fever or high fever.

it doesn't sound like from your description that there is fever or he does not sound like he is feeling ill

his red cheeks could be a sign of 5th disease or from erythrovirus spread.

you should add on an antihistamine cream like benadryl cream along with the steroid cream and continue the benadryl antihistamine. what dose are you giving him?

have you tried calamine lotion or calendula cream for the skin as well. these might also be soothing and calming as well.