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Hi. I am nearly 10 months post partum and I am struggling with

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Hi. I am nearly 10 months post partum and I am struggling with sone acne - particularly my forehead. I have never had very bad acne in the past but my skin was very clear through pregnancy and since my mid 20's. Prior to pregnancy I found my skin to be oily on ny forehead, particularly when working, I am a doctor, but despite treatment with zineryt there appears to be no change. I have a combination of open and closed conedomes, mostly open with mild inflammation. There a're small lumps -possibly papules uunder my skin with larger lumps near my hairline. I have tried pop as I was breastfeeding but it altered my mood. I use murad skin Care and have been using an oil free moisturiser. I am just looking for some other advice as I don't want to bother my GP until I have a second opinion. It's becoming very tiresome and quite disheartening now
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Dermatology
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 3 years ago.
In fact you might need something a little better to treat this, such as a retinoid.

I would not do anything until a daily scrub has been done.

Also, can you tell me your diet, meal to meal?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi. What do you recommend re daily scrub? Prior to pregnancy I used soap and a good moisturiser -this seems to have kept things at bay for quite a few years. I have had a lot of a sun exposure to my skin as I lived in a hot climate when younger. I wonder if this has had an implication because there have been some pigment changes to my skin.


I have toast and jam for breakfast with coffee. Lunch is either soup or sandwich. Dinner lots of different things. I probably drink too much caffeine so I'm trying to cut that down and trying to cut out cheese. I've tried multivitamins etc.


I had noticed with zineryt that it was making tthings much better in combination with this murad skin care regime but following the second prescription and New bottle it seemed to flare up again. I'm conscious that I may be doing too much to my skin when it has previously been quite sensitive and wonder if I should just be sticking to something simple. What is the pathological process behind acne post partum and does it clear eventually? I've had so many mixed opinions and it's not my area of expertise plus I am trying not to be a doctor to myself!

Expert:  DrRussMD replied 3 years ago.
Please give me exact examples on the diet, typcal day.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Toast and jam with butter for breakfast. With coffee. Lunch - soup, normally vegetable, or a toasted sandwich with mayo, ham and some lettuce. Sometimes il have fruit or yoghurt depending on time. Dinner is often something like spaghetti Bolognese with lota of veg, white pasta. Stirfry is another example. I cook lots of home cooked food when I can. I don't tend to snack unless on toast. I sometimes have chocolate but not very often. I have water - but not enough. I enjoy cheese with my food. We do have quite a lot if red meet or chicken with foods. It's ddifficult to be more sspecific as my days vary

Expert:  DrRussMD replied 3 years ago.
Acne is a complex issue.
Your diet is largely pro inflammatory.
That will promote acne.
An anti inflammatory diet can help.

The diet, in order of preference in quantity, should look like this
leafy greens
green veggies
other veggies
whole fruit, beans and peas
Whole grains no yeasted breads, dry cereals or anything refined
Seeds and nuts, but cut out seeds if you have any diverticulosis.
A little tofu or tempeh daily
A little high quality soy or coconut milk yogurt

The soluble fiber in this strategy will stabilized colon function in about 6 to 8 weeks, then about 2 or three helpings of animal foods a week, preferably fish, can be added back.
See the book Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, for instructions on this type of diet.

Critical for you, cut out all animal products for at least too months, as well as refined carbs.

A good scrub is ivory soap.

Hormonal status should be assessed, including
TSH and T4
Sex hormone panel
Adrenal panel.

As far as addition treatment, a topical retinoid would be indicated.
Use reply to let me know if you have further questions [click reply to expert].
Please do not forget a positive rating [hopefully you will click an excellent; or come back to ask me more as needed].