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dermdoc19, Dermatologist
Category: Dermatology
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Experience:  30 years practice in general and cosmetic dermatology
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Hello I have heard taking accutane can rid me of my sebaceous

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Hello I have heard taking accutane can rid me of my sebaceous prominence/fordyce spots.

Would you know how much I would have to take and for how long I would have to take it to rid me of my fordyce/sebaceous prominence?

dermdoc19 :

These answers are for informational purposes and do not replace a physician head-to-head visit. A patient-physician relationship is not established.

dermdoc19 :


dermdoc19 :

I would not recommend taking Accutane without the guidance of your physician. There can be a number of side effects from this drug.

dermdoc19 :

I only remember treating one patient for his sebaceous gland problem and this was a man with numerous lesions of sebaceous gland hyperplasia on his face. The dosage I used was 20 mg. for a six month period. The dosage is purposely kept low to decrease the chance and severity of side effects.

dermdoc19 :

I would be happy to answer further questions.

Customer: I have read everywhere that accutane treats fordyce spots.
Customer: Am am I wrong in thinking this.
dermdoc19 :

You are correct. It would since it shrinks sebaceous glands. Fordyce spots are ectopic sebaceous glands.

Customer: Would you know what dosage I would have to take and for how long to successfully rid my fordyce spots?
dermdoc19 :

20 mg. a day with food, once a day, for six months.

Customer: Thank you, ***** ***** I have only the 40mg type of pill
dermdoc19 :

I believe they are scored, so you should be able to cut them in half. If not, you could take every other day.

Customer: Ok thank you ever so much for your help.
Customer: I will ill rate now.
dermdoc19 :

Good. Feel free to get back to me with any other questions.

Customer: Would I need a blood test or the like every month to check for suds effects as i am a bit worried about them.
dermdoc19 :

At 20 mg. a day probably every other month is the first two months are normal.

Customer: I am a bit wii tied about liver damage. Is this something I can monitor myself without the blood tests/screens?
dermdoc19 :

I have not found liver damage to be much of a problem. This was borne out in a large study a few years ago. Any damage doe by Accutane is repaired back to normal, but doubt that is a real possibility. I would recommend an initial blood test and one after one month. The main concern being elevated triglycerides.

dermdoc19 :

Any blood tests should be done fasting.

Customer: Would I have to find a private clinic to get the blood tests dine and look out for higher triglyceride levels myself?
dermdoc19 :

I am not sure how things are run over in the UK; I would think the NHS could do it.

Customer: Buy generally within myself apart from the blood tests what side effects should I be looking out for?
dermdoc19 :

Mostly dry skin, chapped lips. There is controversy over Accutane causing inflammatory bowel disease. It MAY cause Ulcerative Colitis. Although this may be in people who were on antibiotics and is generally, if this exists, be dose dependent. So, I would say also headaches, especially with vision changes, and diarrhea; dark urine or clay colored stools.

Customer: Ok thank you doctor
Customer: shouod I rate your answer now?
dermdoc19 :

Very welcome. Good luck and feel free to get back to me.

dermdoc19 :

Sure, you can rate me at any time. Thank you.

Customer: When looking at triglycerides what will I be looking for as I am not familiar with the term or getting blood tests.
Customer: Any light you would be able to shed on this would be great.
dermdoc19 :

They are a fat in the blood.

dermdoc19 :

They are three fatty acids strung together in a chain. Hence tri ( three) glycerides (fatty acids). Anything high in cholesterol is usually high in triglycerides. The problem with high triglycerides is that if they become very high a patient can develop pancreatitis...inflammation of the pancrease.

Customer: I see, thank you very much for your help.
Customer: Would a
Customer: Cholesterol blood test, cortisol blood test or ferreting blood test do the trick or would I need a full blood test and to tell them I am on accutane?
dermdoc19 :

I usually only get a triglycerides in a male.

Customer: Would it be ok if I went ahead and didn't get the tests?
Customer: how would I know if something was wrong while on accutane without the tests?
dermdoc19 :

I really can not recommend treatment without at least initial testing. Dark urine, clay colored stool, weakness, fatigue, abdominal pain, would be some of the side effects.

Customer: I have recently had a blood test. Will that do?
dermdoc19 :

If triglycerides were taken.

Customer: Do you know of any other way of getting rid of sebaceous prominence or fordyce spots? Other then accutane ?
dermdoc19 :

Sure. Pulsed dye laser. This would probably take two sessions. I would recommend consulting with a dermatologist ( rather than a urologist) since dermatologists have more expertise with lasers.

Customer: Pulsed dye laser seems a bit extreme is there anything else you could recommend?
dermdoc19 :

Photodynamic therapy ( PDT), in which a liquid, Levulan, is put on the skin and then an hour later, the patient is treated with intense pulse light. Trichloracetic acid placed on the spots, sometimes cryotherapy ( freezing).

Customer: I see, thank you doctor,
Customer: going back lack to accutane if I did go down that route how long do you think it would take to start seeing results?
dermdoc19 :

Probably about three months. But that is a guess. People respond differently.

Customer: Would you have any suggestions on keeping the spots away after treatment?
dermdoc19 :

With Accutane they should stay away.

Customer: Ok thanks doctor.
Customer: I think that is all I need
Customer: Thank you fur your exirrtise
Customer: expertise
Customer: Will I get a chat log of this conversation sent to my email?
dermdoc19 :

I dobn't think so, but the chat can be printed out and the question is always available.

dermdoc19 :

Very welcome.

Customer: I am very happy with the answers. And will now rate excellent service.
Customer: Thank you once again for your help.
dermdoc19 :

Very welcome.

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