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Dr. Chip
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I am a White 59 year old female. I had mole mapping done last

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I am a White 59 year old female. I had mole mapping done last month and one new mole was found. Dermoscopy was performed and my dermatologist said it was perfectly innocent. She recommended review in six months.
Despite this reassurance I am worried that this new mole may turn into melanoma. Is this likely and am I now at higher risk? I find I am ridiculously frightened of melanoma and would value your answer.
Hi. Sorry for the delay but your question just became available. Most moles do not become melanomas and the only way to evaluate moles is inspection and the dermoscopy and then biopsying any mole that seems suspicious for melanoma. For now all you need is the regular follow-up with your dermatologist. I understand your concern but so long as you trust your dermatologist then you really shouldn't be worried.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi Dr Chip
Thanks for the kind and reassuring response. I just have one underlying worry. I understand that moles generally do not appear after age 50 and I have convinced myself that because a new one appeared (even though the dermatologist is not worried about it!) I must now be at higher risk. Can you shed any light on moles appearing after age 50?
Many thanks
Valerie--did the dermatologist say this was a mole and not something like a seborrheic keratosis?