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dermdoc19, Dermatologist
Category: Dermatology
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6 years old son has spots on feet and wrist

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6 years old son has spots on feet and wrist and 1 spot on the bottom.GP suggest skin fungal infection and prescribed Dactacort 2%/1% w/w cream, which we have been using for 3 days now.I just want to get expert opinion
dermdoc19 :

These answers are for informational purposes and do not replace a physician head-to-head visit. A patient-physician relationship is not established.

dermdoc19 :


dermdoc19 :

Is it possible to forward a photograph? Thank you.

Customer: Hi,the 1st picture is his foot ,the second picture is the spot on his wrist.There are few on the body but very small and not so distinctive
dermdoc19 :

Unless a positive fungal culture of KOH scraping was obtained, this looks much more like a condition called Granuloma Annulare than it does a fungal infection.

Customer: No test has been obtained as yet as we haven't been referred to dermatologist.Is there any treatment for the condition you have described above?
dermdoc19 :

This is common in childhood. We do not know what the cause is. It is due to the formation of tissue reactions called granulomas.

dermdoc19 :

The best treatment is injections of cortisone but at the age of six this treatment would be problematic. A strong steroid ointment such as Clobetesol might work. Elidel or Protoopic has also been used with some success. These do go away on their own, but it can take a bit of time.

Customer: Is there any successful treatment
dermdoc19 :

Mostly the above.

dermdoc19 :

PUVA has been used in which a pill called Posralen is given two hours before an Ultraviolet light A treatment is given.

dermdoc19 :

The condition is harmless.

Customer: Does it mean that mild sun exposure would help?
dermdoc19 :

Generalllt not.

Customer: How long does it normally go away ?
dermdoc19 :

No telling. Often 6-8 months though.

dermdoc19 :

Oral steroids sometimes work

dermdoc19 :

But would not be a good idea in his age group.

dermdoc19 :

The Eximer laser which is used to treat psoriasis has also been reported to work. We tried this once with our Eximer laser and the results were not good though.

dermdoc19 :

Occasionally cryotherpay ( freezing) works, but I usually combine this with injections of cortisone.

dermdoc19 :

By the way, it used to be felt that there was a link with diabetes, but this is not felt to be true today. However, if there is a strong family history,or this becomes generalized ( spreads to the whole body) this should be checked out.

dermdoc19 :

I would advise taking my diagnosis to your physician so he can reconsider his diagnosis. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Customer: Many thanks Doc ,will insist the GP to send us to dermatologist.
dermdoc19 :

That is a vry good idea.

dermdoc19 :

You are welcome.

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