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I asked my husband to see the GP about a mole on his back

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I asked my husband to see the GP about a mole on his back near the shoulder. It is big to me goldenish brown in colour mainly circular flat with a pin prick darker spot in it . it is 10 mm . The doctor looked at it and said he didn't think it was cancerous but he should monitor it. How often and for how long and is 10 mm ok ? I am worried . My husband always puts sun cream on factor 15 or higher when we are on holiday usually twice a year but there is always that place you miss . i worry should we take steps to have it removed and he has lots of skin tags on his neck. the doctor said this was cosmetic surgery and tags are fine other moles on back doctor said were fine .

Hi Sorry for the delay but your question just came open to me. It would help for me to see a photo on this page but from your description, although it's probably benign, this needs to be seen by a dermatologist and excised--removed. It shouldn't be just monitored from now on
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

thank you . the mole is flat not protruding doesn't bleed or itch . How would it be removed and are there risks ? Is there also a risk to removing skin tags and are they harmless? also why would the doctor say it just needs monitoring?

I can't speak to why your doctor only wanted to monitor this Stephen and most likely it is benign. It would be totally excised--removed--under local anesthesia--and the only risks to that might be infection or bleeding but those would be rare. Skin tags are completely harmless but they can be removed either by snipping them or freezing them with liquid nitrogen.
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