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I've been prescribed Tazarotene acne. I have a lot

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Hi, I've been prescribed Tazarotene for my acne. I have a lot of lesions on my back and arms too.
Is it safe to apply Tazarotene to large areas of the body? I suffered bad side effects on accutane (depression) when I was on that a couple of years ago, so am concerned that applying Tazarotene to large areas might result in systemic side effects of retinoids?
Any advice most welcome.
Thank you for asking your question. The concern I would have would be in regards ***** ***** Tazarotene is a Category X, which means that under no circumstances should you become pregnant while using this product. While there certainly is a possibility that Accutane may cause depression, the amount absorbed should not be a problem in this regard. The amount absorbed would be less than eating a carrot, so I would not worry about it. You dermatologist might consider photodynamic therapy as an alternative if you are nervous. This would entail applying a liquid called Levulan, which then goes down to the sebaceous glands. After a 16 minute wait, the area undergoes Ultraviolet light and the oil glands are zapped.
I would be happy to answer further questions.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
That is really helpful, thank you. My doctor has also prescribed lymecycline, which seems to be helping - but I'm concerned that the spots will just come back when I stop taking the antibiotics?
The acne seems to stay away longer with the light therapy I mentioned. Of course, Accutane, generally can squelch the acne for good but you did not tolerate it. I am afraid generally acne treatment needs to last as long as nature decides to keep giving you acne. Your physician might consider low dose Doxycycline such as Periostt 20 mg. twice a day. This does seems to help with acne and yet does not cause side effects since it does not kill bacteria.
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