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Dr. Chip
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I have Polycythemia Vera Rubra. Since it started my shins have

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I have Polycythemia Vera Rubra. Since it started my shins have developed a sort of rash, roughly 7 inches long and 5 inches wide ,feels hot not pustular, just an itch that is horrendous. I understand PVR blood disorder causes itching due to the anti-histomine released into the blood stream, the overall look of the rash is akin to bubble wrap. Any ideas how to treat it please.
Hi. This doesn't sound like a PVR problemIt sounds more like a cellulitis condition--skin infection.While you could try topical antibiotic ointment like Neosporin I'd suggest you see your doctor for a prescription for antibioticsLet me know if you need more information please
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I was hoping that I could find a definite cause to this rash I had a skin biopsy that said no infection but little else. Unfortunately I can't get the creams suggested where I live so that suggestion didn't help much,Sorry but thanks for the effort.
There ought to be a kind of antibiotic cream available where you live.
Could you post a photo on this page?