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Dr Basu
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My wife has an awful skin condition called Lichen Planus

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My wife has an awful skin condition called Lichen Planus which has effected most of her body. There is no cure apparently and seems to be little in the way of effective treatment. Though in the main she can cope the one thing that is simply awful is that her feet which are very sensitive from the condition blister very easily. This renders her virtually immobile
and in a great deal of pain which upsets us both. My question is, Is there any kind of protection available for feet that would protect her against blistering which she could wear for part of the day. We understand the necessity for air to get to the affected areas but she just wants/needs to be mobile for part of the day without being so susceptible to blistering.

Hi there,
This is Dr Basu, experienced Internal Medicine Specialist.
I am here to address your concerns and provide great service.

Sorry to hear about your wife's symptoms.

What medications has she tried to control lichen planus related symptoms?

Has she tried any special shoes to prevent blisters?

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
The most effective cream she has on prescription is Cetrabem which applies twice a day. We had not considered special shoes but will do if that is what is required.

Ok thanks for your reply.

Easy blister formation suggests weakened epidermis layer and fluid accumulation from immune response against the skin layers.

A potent steroid ointment like clobetasol 0.5% can be tried to reduce blister formation.

Oral steroid course is next option if topical does not work.

Phototherapy with UVA light is another good option for resistant symptoms.

To reduce blisters. friction under the foot surface needs to be reduced.

Special insoles like Spenco or silicone gel to be inserted into comfortable shoes should be helpful in preventing blister formation.

Socks made with coolmax material also helps to prevent blister formation.

Here is a link to online site offering such products:

Best wishes

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