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I had a double Morton’s neuroma excision with an incision on

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I had a double Morton’s neuroma excision with an incision on either side of the 3rd toe 10 weeks ago. On removal of the dressings to check the wound one week post-surgery, it was discovered that a wound had formed between the excision sites. It presented as soft, dark purple tissue. The surgeon said it was a haematoma. The wound developed a thick black Eschar which came off approximately 8 weeks post-surgery. The surgeon gave me Inadine dressings which I had to change daily after soaking the wound in a salt bath. I was due to see the surgeon on Tuesday 21st Nov for a wound check. A couple of days before this I noticed some reddening and blistering on the skin around the edges of where the dressing was sited. I told the surgeon I was worried I had developed a sensitivity to the inadine but he said it was a “plaster” rash due to having to wear a dressing for so long. I was told to carry on with the inadine but to use a non-adherent secondary dressing & microporous tape. After another 2 days of using the inadine dressings, the redness & blistering is worse and is now affecting the actual incision scars which have never been in contact with any sort of adhesive. I am not due to see the surgeon again for another 2 weeks. I am going to see if I can make an appointment at the nurses clinic but, in the meantime, I would be extremely grateful for any advice on how to care for the wound. I have not used the inadine dressing today, I have just applied a sterile pad & tape, but the wound now feels very dry, tight and sore.

Hello. I'm Dr Chip
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Could you please post a photo for me on this page?

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
This photo was taken earlier today.

Got it--thanks

I think part of the problem is definitely the inandine dressing itself and you've got an allergic reaction to it

I'd suggest for now a simple teflon non-adherent gauze pad and then a gauze roll wrapped around the foot and secured with a piece of tape

In other words, for now, a totally dry bandage

Please let me know if you need any more information

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Sorry, the first photo was taken yesterday. This is the one taken today

Got it--thanks

But I still say you should stop the inadine and just use a totally dry bandage

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Thankyou for the information. I will take your advice whilst waiting for an appointment at the clinic.

My pleasure

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