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I recently had a mole removed. The dermatologist took it off

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Hi I recently had a mole removed. The dermatologist took it off because she said although she thinks it’s benign, it’s darker than my other moles so she wants to make sure it’s ok. I’m beside myself with worry as I’ve had the mole for years so my mind is swimming with ‘did I leave it too late’ my mother just died a few weeks ago of undiagnosed cancer and she went from ok to a coma in six weeks. My mole was about 7mm, it hadn’t grown in atleast a year, dermatologist said it was symmetrical, it’s on my stomach which I don’t think has seen the sun ever (I hate sun bathing and I’m completely covered and sun creamed if I do venture out it the sun. I’m so scared I’m can’t really function. How high is the risk that it will come back stating melanoma and what’s the chance of it having spread.
Customer: replied 6 months ago.
This is the mole that was taken off. It hasn’t bled, itched or changed shape

Hi, I;m Dr Osula, thanks for your question. Its likely your mole would be benign however its good practice to take out these kind of moles if they've changed color, shape, size, texture etc. and have them examined as not even the best of dermatologists can 100% state benign based solely on the appearance. The cells has to be examined under a microscope.
The fact that its symmetrical and no change in size for over a year are reassuring points. I wouldnt want to speculate on the risk as that would just increase anxiety and in these cases, its best to wait for the results. In terms of chances of spread, if caught early and not the aggressive type, then they pretty much localised

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
If I’ve had it for years, wouldn’t that mean it hasn’t been caught early ? The dark shade that she said was the only concerning factor has been there as long as I can remember possibly since birth. Does a mole look quite different if it’s at advanced stages ?

No, lets assume worst case scenario this was a melanoma. Some melanomas can be slow-growing and be present for years, while some can change in weeks or months. This is why you look for other features and not just time ie shape, color, bleeding, texture, etc. If the dark color has bee present for as long as you remember, then that to me is very reassuring.

But Doctors are doctors, they'll do what they have to do to make sure you're ok. Its always better to be safe than to make assumptions. Results do come back pretty quickly.

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
From the picture I sent Does it look bad.? I know you can’t be sure. Also is it rare for melanomas to happen in moles that have never had sun exposure? I’m so sorry about all the questions I’m just so scared about putting my kids through what I went through with my mum.

No I've seen regular moles look like that, but this is my point. You cannon use a picture to determine a mole. If that was the case, people would not be having them taking off or biopsied. But I can say it looks more benign to me than a melanoma.

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** the sun issue? Is it rare to get a melanoma if the mole is in an area that never sees the sun ?

It is rare, thats why Australians have the highest incidence of skin cancers.

They always in the sun

Let me know if you have further questions, otherwise please leave some feedback ratings if satisfied with my service, thanks

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