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My 19 year old son got circumcised when he was four and now

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Hi my 19 year old son got circumcised when he was four and now he says he’s got a lot of pain he also suffers and diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder depressive disorder and OCD but he eats sleeps as soon as he comes out of the shower he starts crying and complaining and saying why did you cut my skin off at the doctors say it’s his mental health but as I’m living with him, could he have Pain or could it be his mental health I’m starting to believe that he’s got pain because it’s been going on for too long now

Thank you for requesting me.

I sense this is more of a psychologic problem. There are all kinds of results with circumcision but if there was pain from the procedure it would presented years ago, even as a baby. I feel a visit to a urologist would be happy, to alleviate this concern in his mind if nothing else.

After that he should have the psychiatric treatment he needs. There are a number of medications which may help him. This is generally a trial and error process until the right medication is successful.

Good luck.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Hi my son has been ill from the age of 13 now his nearly 20,like I said he was circumcised at the age of 4, and he had no problems but until last year he said a cut speared on his penis,the GP looked at it gave his cream,he was still complaining of pain so I took to see a dermatologist they said they can not seeanything serious and gave him cream to wash with,but all he keeps saying is why did I cut the skin of and it doesn’t work properly and I don’t know what he means by saying that,there is days when he says he doesn’t want to live anymore,the GP says it’s his mental health, but they don’t live with him,I’m just worried that his in a lot of pain, but he sleeps eats goes on his computer walks around, I’m not sure what you think, Thanks

One suggestion, in case this is real would be to try Gabapentin or Lyrica. We use these for nerve pain such as for post-herpetic neuralgia ( after shingles there can be quite a bit of pain from irritated nerves). I have used this drug in similar situations as this and have had good success. It is a relatively safe drug and would be worth a try.

Feel free to ask further questions.

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